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Ivalice Mage

BAB: Poor
Good Saves: Reflex, Will
Skill Points @ First Level: (4 + Int Mod) X4
Skill Points @ each additional level: 4 + Int Mod


Shade of Magic: Choose Black, White, or Red magic. Your spell list is determined by this choice.

Black: Sorcerer/Wizard Spell List

White: Cleric Spell List

Green: Druid Spell List

Red: Bard/Ranger or Paladin Spell List

[There will be barred spells such as summon monster/summon nature ally/ planar binding and others that don't make sense for a Final Fantasy type Mage]

Magic Points: The Mage's magic is powered by their magic points. Magic Points is the endurance and power that creates and forms their spells.

The Mage starts with a number of MP equal to [5 + Casting Mod]+1 per 2 ECL. Spells cost a number of MP equal to [Spell Level + 2].

If not casting a spell or using a spell, spell like ability, supernatural ability, or activating a magic item the mage regains 1 magic point. The mage must be conscious and able to take at least a swift action though this ability is passive.

If the mage ever hits 0 MP they are stunned for 1d4 rounds. The stunning takes place after the spell(s) are cast. While stunned the mage doesn't regain MP.

Level 0 spells don't cost MP to cast.

Double Cast: At level 6, 10, 14, and 18 the IM gains the ability to perform a double cast as a full round action. When performing a double cast the IM must expend a number of MP equal to [Spell Level + 1]+[Spell Level +1] + XX%. The additional MP used is determinded by the IM level. At level 6 the additional MP is 200%, at level 10 the additional MP is +100%, at level 14 the additional MP is +75%, and at level 18 the additional MP is +50%.

Example: A level 10 IM decides to double cast two level 1 spells. The cost for this is [ 1 + 1] + [1 + 1] + 100% = 8 MP

Osmosis (Sp):
As a full round action the IM may absorb MP from other creatures, even ones that don't know they have the energy.
Range: Close
Saving Throw: Fortitude Negates
DC: 10 + 1/2 Level + Casting Mod
Effect: Gain a number of MP from the target equal to 1d4 + 1, this base MP can't be higher than the target's constitution mod. At level 7, 11, 15, and 19 the IM gains bonus MP (over the base) equal to +50%, +100%, 150%, and +200% respectively.

Drain (Sp):
As a full round action the IM may absorb the HP of other creatures. It is dangerous to absorb HP from undead and negative energy beings.
Range: Close
Saving Throw: Fort Negates
DC: 10 + 1/2 Level + Casting Mod
Effect: Deals 1d8 + 1 (Maximum +5) and heal the same amount. At level 8, 12, 16, and 20 the IM gains bonus HP (over the base) equal to +50%, +100%, 150%, and +200% respectively.

Scan (Sp):
Swift Action
Make a Knowledge (Arcana) check to identify a creature versus a DC of 10 + CR (round down). If successful then gain the following information.

Current HP/Maximum HP

Weaknesses (Saves and elemental)

Resistances (DR, elemental)

General and Specific information on the creature and its type and sub types.

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