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Mr. Whatever
2013-10-30, 02:16 PM
So yeah, I was a bit underwhelmed with the Grenadier archetype, and decided to concoct my own bomb focused Alchemist! Enjoy the rough ideas!

Mad Bombers do not gain the Mutagen class feature, poison resistance/immunity, poison use, or Brew Potion, and they know 1 fewer extracts per spell level. If this would result in the number of extracts being 0, he can only use extracts of that level if he has a high enough intelligence for bonus spells. The Mad Bomber also does not gain a normal grand discovery, though he does get the two bonus discoveries for reaching level 20.

What do we get instead? Why fun times of course!

The Mad Bomber gains the feat "Extra Bombs" as a bonus feat at levels 1, 5, 10, and 15. In addition, he may also take "Extra Bombs" instead of a discovery.

When the Mad Bomber attacks with bombs, and only with bombs, he uses a full Base Attack Bonus equal to his level, in place of his normal BAB. At level 10 for example he would throw bombs with a +10 Base Attack Bonus. This does not allow the Mad Bomber to qualify for feat that require a certain Base attack Bonus earlier than normal.

The Mad Bomber qualifies for the discovery "Fast Bombs" at level 5, instead of the normal level 8. He does not gain this as a bonus discovery however.

Starting at level 10, an Alchemist can sacrifice a prepared extract and empower one of his bombs with it. A bomb empowered this way increases a number of damage dice equal to the extracts level to the next step. For example if the Mad Bomber were to sacrifice a level 4 extract, 4 of the d6's of one bomb would become d8s.

At Level 20, the Mad Bomber perfects the bomb making process. His bombs now deal damage 1 die step higher than normal, and the amount of extra bombs from the "Extra Bombs" feat increases to 3.

OK I know that is a lot, and I will be trimming it down no doubt. But I like to start with a lot of big ideas and then slim them down :D

2014-02-04, 01:48 AM
I know this is late, but I just found your post, and I was wondering, why did you do the damage increase so late? Rogues can get that for daggers at first lvl with the Knife Master archetype.