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2013-10-30, 09:02 PM
What's up my fellow nerds. I've got a slight problem I was hoping you could help me with. After catching up on the latest R.A. Salvatore Drizzt Do'Urden/Forgotten Realms books I thought I recognized the Spellspinner class that the drows have created for their new generation of wizards, and so decided that I wanted to ry building one. The thing is, I can't seem to find it in Complete Arcane, Complete Mage or any of the other source books I own and google searches just keep turning up the Fatespinner class. So if the community could help me find it or confirm my mental instabilities I would be most appreciative regardless of the results. Thanks in advance folks.

Averis Vol
2013-10-30, 09:58 PM
Spellspinner is a title held by the highest ranking arcanist of any given house. The only other reference out there is is to a 4th ed monster, which very well may be what Salvatore was basing it off of seeing as 4E is the official edition these days.

2013-10-30, 11:13 PM
I haven't read the books since they killed Catti-brie but would Arachnomancer do the trick? What did they do that you want?

2013-11-14, 11:23 AM
basically it was just a flavor thing. I'm mostly a flavor gamer, don't care much about the ultimate build I'm more into the coolest sounding one and spellspinner seemed like it would be a fun drow character. alas if its just a title not much I can do there, thanks for your help though. anyway looks like its on to my next crazy character idea, if anybody reads this let me know what you think about turning a duskblade into a sort of arcane paladin or if there already is a class like that out there.