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2013-11-03, 02:18 AM
Welcome to that which has been causing me to lose sleep. I made this over a bit of planning only to completely rework the final ability as the last one was not cool enough. Well, have at it people.

d6 hit die, Med BAB, poor fort, ref, good will.

skills:same as wizard

1:Card Craft: Ah, what we all wanted, cards in D&D! Now your character can make them. Card Crafting follows all normal rules for enchanting except as noted here. 500gp per creature HD, 1000 per PC HD, 250 per spell level, and if the card will summon an item you pay half the item's cost. Creatures act as per summoned creatures, and the cards will go dormant if the creature is dispelled or killed until the next day.

Note: you cannot make a card of someone that is not willing, nor can you make a card of an item that you do not have time to study. Relics, Epic items, Artifacts, and any other item that has a limited quantity of cannot be made into a card. A person copied will only have masterwork versions of their equipment unless you put more money in to craft in their items too. The copied person will not act like the person, and will only vaguely resemble them. (DC 5 spot check)

2: Can use Prestidigitation at will

3: Augment card: you can now add feats you have to your cards, or in case of creature cards they gain the benefit of Augment summoning

4: throw card: you now have throw item at will

5:Boosted Summon: You can now grant your creatures greater power when you summon them. 3+Cha mod times per day you can boost a creature's Str, Dex, and Con by 2 for as long as it is summoned. If the creature is returned to the card you must spend another use of this ability to grant it the benefit once more. You gain additional boosts as you level up, Heroism at 10th, and Haste at 15th.

6: you now have Gr. mage hand at will

7: Improved cast: normally using a card requires a standard action to use, however due to your long study of them you only need a move action to do so.

8: you get nothing here, deal with it

9: Card call: starting at 9th level you can always draw the card you need when you need it, the card you want zips to your hand, allowing you to draw it as a free.

10: Boosted Creature Heroism: I forgot to mention, a card may only have 1 boost on it at a time from this ability.

11: yeah, nothing

12: creature swap: if one of your creatures is about to take a fatal blow you can desummon it and summon a different creature in it's place as an immediate action. A card desummoned this way requires 5 minutes to be used again.

13: nope, nothing

14: Deck call: you can now call your deck from wherever it may be, as long as it was not sold with your permission. This power will fail to work if you and your deck are not on coexistent planes.

15:Hasted Card

16: nothing

17:Swift card: you can now cardcast as a swift action



20:Contingent card: No matter what, this card always comes through for you. Pick a card from your deck to be subject to this effect. The card now has additional abilities when your health declines, gaining the Powers of boosted summon when you are at half, heroism when you are at 1/4, haste when you are between 10 and negative 9. This is an exception to the rule that you can only have 1 boost on a card at any given time. Your contingent card now counts as a called creature, and thus not be dispelled or suppressed. If the contingent card is KO'd, you must either remake the card or have attonement cast on you.

2013-11-03, 08:51 AM
You might want to look at the tutorial for putting a base class in a chart. See here for tutorials including copy and paste charts: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=205677

Is this a spellcasting class or not?


2013-11-03, 05:05 PM
It would be a closer fit to think of it as an artificer from Eberron. They just have the ability to make magic cards, both for them and others to use. UMD is the same as a scroll, 20 plus spell level, or 15+ 1 per HD.

Averis Vol
2013-11-04, 08:43 PM
Man, and I came here expecting to see a Twisted Fate tribute, Owell :P