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2007-01-07, 09:27 AM
My enemy used hide... I failed to spot him... now on my round I use a full round action I make a spot check to find him... do I compare my spot to the hide roll from previous turn or does he have to roll a new hide roll?

Lord Lorac Silvanos
2007-01-07, 09:48 AM
If the enemy has moved I would have him roll his Hide again, if not I would let him keep the old roll.

Shhalahr Windrider
2007-01-07, 10:22 AM
Making a Spot check of your own accord is a move action. Not full-round.

Spot (Wis)
Action: Varies. Every time you have a chance to spot something in a reactive manner you can make a Spot check without using an action. Trying to spot something you failed to see previously is a move action. To read lips, you must concentrate for a full minute before making a Spot check, and you can’t perform any other action (other than moving at up to half speed) during this minute.
(emphasis mine)

2007-01-07, 10:33 AM
As Silvanos says, the original roll ought probably to be used unless the opponent has moved and hidden himself again. He would be well advised to be 'taking 10', really. You can try and Spot him twice per round by virtue of two Move Actions, as Shhalahr indicates.

2007-01-08, 12:24 PM
Making a Spot check of your own accord is a move action. Not full-round.

(emphasis mine)
Well it's wierd but in modern d20 (and we are using modern-based "Naruto D20" setting) it's an full round O.o

But thanks for the answers.