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2007-01-07, 07:50 PM
Kay for the campaign I am homebrewing I have made a pantheon of 5 gods that are the archetypes of the alignment system or there abouts. However there are dozens of lesser gods that I will not bother writing about.

So here we go

God of Time/Balance
Alignment: TN
Domains any but Law, Chaos, Good, or Evil(Is there a time Domain?)
Appearance: A man that age seems to change at any given he holds in his hand a staff with a hourglass at the top

Kothost or The Eternal One was the first thing to exist and he will be the last to go if there ever was to be an end. He sees all that is, has been, and will be. He is aloof and distant even to his closest friends. He speaks in riddles and metaphors. Those mortals who do follow him are almost always scholars and loremasters(not the PrC). They are as distant as their master to the rest of world caring little for the doings and goings on of the world.

Goddess of Goodness/Mercy
Alignment: NG
Domains: Good, Sun, Protection, Healing, Water
Appearance: A comely women who appears to be glowing pure white. She wears plain rodes

Everlin is known as the Mother of the Dawn. She was the one who first made life on the planet. She cares deeply for ever soul that has ever been on the earth. She wants nothing but happiness for her children. However even she can see that sometimes some must be sacrificed for the good of all. Her followers are upholders of goodness in all of its forms. They strive to uphold the teachings and morals of their goddess. They can and do fright for the cause of righteousness everywhere.

So more later