View Full Version : Help Me Make a Skill System (Part 2 the Mechanics)

2013-11-07, 01:22 PM
So with the help of the playground I have the core concepts down for what I want my skill system to be.


Now to make sure the mechanics are sound.

PC ability scores will be from 1 to 20 which is capped and the modifiers are -5 to +5.

Backgrounds give initial skills that give level 1 rank in each. When you have a rank in a skill you gain a d6, you roll that and add the relevant ability modifier. Athletics at rank level 1 is 1d6+Strength Modifier. Each additional ranks give an additional 1d6 to roll.

For each rank you gain in certain skills (perception) you gain 3.5*#Ranks + relevant modifier. So having one rank in Perception (sight) would allow you to make sight checks at 1d6 + Wis Mod. Your passive perception would be 3.5+Wis Mod (round down). A stealth check would apose the passive perception (sight/sound).

Advantage = +3
Disadvantage= -3 (these numbers are subject to change)

If you have no ranks in a skill you roll 1d6 and compare to the DC, however the highest number you may take is equal to your ability mod. If you have an ability mod penalty then you subtract 2 * penalty from the roll.

Ghris has a -1 to strength and no ranks in Athletics. He attempts to climb and rolls a 6, he then subtracts -2 from his roll. Luckily enough he beat the DC of 3. However the next round he rolls a 4 and subtracts 2, this he failed on this check.

Upon reaching certain ranks in a skill you no longer need to roll for certain abilities. When you reach this rank you may choose a speciality ability. For example a person with two ranks in athletics can pick up jump speed, climb speed, or swim speed. (The rate will be determined later)

Each class will give out ranks at certain intervals, however they will be grouped together so a Thief may gain two level 1 skill ranks which may go into any skills in the sensory (perception, insight, knowledge skills, etc) or thievery group (acrobatics, thievery, bluff, etc). Every so many levels or xp the PC will gain a rank in any skill they wish to use it on. These ranks go slower than the job ranks but will allow customization so not every Knight or Mage has the same skills as the other Knight or Mage.

There are set DCs for tasks.

1 = easy, unskilled and weak ability may still pass this.
3 = easy, may need to be skilled or have ability to pass.
5 = easy, need skill, ability, or luck to pass.
7 =

(I'll add more later)

Edit: I just got an idea for initiative. (Dex Mod) * 6 . this is you initiative score, add ons (magic items or feats or whatever) can raise or lower this and when you delay your turn your initiative changes for that battle but the Initiative will usually be the same.

Thief has a Dex mod of +4. Thief's initiative score is 24, every combat Thief's initiative will be at 24 u less he delays or has a different bonus.