View Full Version : Any droid people looking for work?

2013-11-07, 04:19 PM
My company, based in Rockville, MD. has an immediate need for two people:

1) A droid developer to replace a windows phone application with a droid app. The purpose is to collect information over bluetooth, store it in a SQLite database onboard, then download it over an activex connection to a desktop.

2) A firmware developer to handle the systems that will communicate with said app.

If this sounds interesting, PM me. I'll get more details as my boss provides them. Also, since the last person to do the firmware job telecommuted from London in the UK, we might be willing to do something of the sort again.


Brian P.

2013-11-07, 11:47 PM
Alas, I don't know any droid people. All the people I know are normal, flesh-and-blood people. I wasn't even aware our AI technology was up to making droid people. But if I meet any, I will send them your way.


2013-11-08, 01:01 AM
*waves hand* These are not the droids you are looking for.

2013-11-08, 11:26 PM
Bugger. If only it were for iDevices. :smallmad: And local to me too (technically, if I weren't at school at present)!

pendell, if you want to drop me an email, I can forward it to my University CS email list.