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2007-01-09, 09:21 AM
Hey everyone,

I created this idea for a powerwell which was inspired of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Basically a powerwell is an object that contains an immense amount of magic which can be tapped into by any caster. In order to tap into the powerwell you have to make a connection to it (full-round action which requires a concentration check DC 20).

Once you have connected to the powerwell the magic flows through you in small amounts constantly, enhancing your senses (+ Listen/Spot/Search). When a connected person casts a spell they can choose to draw additional energy from the powerwell. This works by increasing the caster level of the caster.

Each hour that you stay connected to a powerwell requires a new concentration check and the save increases by 2 for each consecutive hour. In addition, the Will Save required to draw magic out of the powerwell increases by 1 for each hour a person has been connected. Once a character disconnects from a powerwell (free action), the penalties to the concentration check and Will Save fade by the same rate (concentration checks are reduced by 2 & Will Save is reduced by 1 for each hour that a character is not connected).

Powerwells come in 3 different versions, minor, major, and great.

{table=head]Type | Max Caster Level Increase | Bonus to Listen/Search/Spot
Minor | 1 | +4
Major | 3 | +8
Great | 5 | +12

{table=head]# of Level Increases | Will Save DC
1 | 20
2 | 25
3 | 30
4 | 35
5 | 40

If a connected person fails the Will save the spell they are trying to cast automatically fails, the spell slot is expended, and they suffer negative effects accordingly to the following table. All effects are cumulative (if a character fails the save by 9-12 points they suffer the effects of 1-4, 5-8 and 9-12).

{table=head]Missed Save By | Effects
1-4 | Lose connection to powerwell
5-8 | -2 on all skill, hit, and damage rolls for 24 hours
9-12 | 2d4 points of temporary Constitution Damage
13-16 | Wisdom and Constitution permanently reduced by 1
17-20 | Fort Save DC 30 or character obliterated

Powerwells can exist in any shape or form. Common ones include pieces of jewelry and figurines, though rare powerwells have been created in the form of weapons or armor. The strongest powerwell discovered to date is in the form of a large spear that is nearly weightless. It has been dubbed the Lance of Power (though it is not truly a lance) and was utilized in the Great War to obvious effects. Its wherabouts are currently unknown.

Owning a powerwell often makes one the target of powerful spellcasters for leagues around as they are both rare and incredibly useful.


2007-01-09, 10:10 AM
Sounds interesting. A mage's tower or guild could be build around a powerwell, and maybe even battles could happen around it.
Hmm.. you could add the possibility to add metamagic effects, then it would be really powerful.

2007-01-10, 07:36 AM
Yeah, if a powerwell was built out of a stationary object like a statue or something then you could defintiely build stuff around it. Typical powerwells take the form of transportable jewelry / small art pieces.

I was worried that the increase in caster level might be overpowering but I thought that with a Will Save everytime you use it, it would sort of rebalance it. What does anyone think about the Will saves based on advantage? Should they be higher? Lower? Are they about right?

2007-01-10, 08:04 AM
from a VERY VERY VERY brief glance (tis 11pm now, I've got to go to work in the morning, just finished 10 hours work an hour ago...) it looks like the Spellpool used for the Mage of the Arcane Order PrC presented in the Complete Arcane, except it actually grants cool stuff, and not... just spells...from memory, you cast spells from the pool, then payed back equivelent spell levels later...

I bring this up, as the sugestion for what the spellpool actually is was rather vague... it could have been anything from a dietyies whim, to an old wizards dying wish to the soul of a great deamon locked up beneith the wizards tower. Wich brings me to the point that... I forget. Ummm... good night. I shall atempt to read this tomorow sometime, give you some real feed back.

Ok, sleep time over!

This seems to be an effect that many minor artifacts in your world have.

By connected, is it a standard action of consentration or somthing to connect, or do you simply posses the item to be connected. If the latter, 1 day would make the DC's so high, no PC or NPC would ever be able to use it.