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2013-11-14, 04:04 PM
So I am playing in a M&M2e game soon, and have not played it in years. I have forgotten a ton, though looking over my books it is familiar enough, I think I have got it... just trying to figure out the best way to create a character.

The concept is; a handicapped technopathic human, who can control machines and is a bit of a gadgeteer; who has engineered a nanobot swarm which can assume a few different forms, and he can temporarily possess (leaving his body behind, unconscious).

So my first thought was actually shapeshifting or morphing, but that didn't seem to fit the concept. Then I thought of alternate forms; and with the projection flaw, it seems to fit perfectly.

For now, I am looking at 3 forms; a land vehicle (probably SUVish), an air vehicle (probably a jet-helicopter), and a battle suit. Is my math here correct; 10 ranks of alternate form, with the projection flaw, costs 40PP. Two additional forms (each a power feat, alternate power) would add 2PP, for a total of 42PP. I then get 50PP per each of the 3 forms.

If I have 'universal' powers, taken with the remaining 108PP, they should work across all forms, correct - outside of the alternate form array - or do they get 'left behind' in my body when I am in the projected forms?

For the vehicles, I will need growth, rank 8ish, and with the permanent flaw and full power drawback, it would cost 15PP, right? (growth is 3/rank, the permanent brings it down to 2/rank, and full power is -1)

For the land vehicle I would need the speed power, at around rank 4 (100MPH), which is 4PP; and the air vehicle would need the flight power, at around rank 7 (1,000 MPH - about halfway between the speed of a real life helicopter and a real life jet; so a jet helicopter), which is 14PP.

So now, just covering size and movement, I have 19PP and 29PP spent for those two forms. Is there anything else I need to add to them just to simulate a standard vehicle? Any other suggestions on how to spend the remaining points on those two forms? What about the 'battlesuit' - I have no idea what I want to do with it yet; except maybe using corrode and distintegrate as the attacks ('cause of the nanobots, eating up stuff)... any suggestions there?

I am thinking for all of the nanobot forms, adding a 10 point immunity; Aging{1}, Disease{1}, Poison{1}, Suffocation{2}, Electricity{5} - does that seem appropriate?

As to the other powers, outside that array - I want to have animate objects (machines), comprehend (machines), datalink (w/ machine control), and super senses (radio); is any of that unnecessary and/or redundant? If I figured right, I am looking at roughly 24PP for those powers. With the 42 point alternate forms, that is 66 spent out of 150. I intend to have some pretty high skills for manipulating computers and machines; anything else you would recommend here?

So basically, to sum up my post; I am looking to build the described character, and would appreciate you checking my calculations thus far, and also providing recommendations on further fleshing out the character's attributes, skills, powers, and equipment.


2013-11-14, 07:16 PM
Here's what I have for a build so far;

40PP Attributes
(STR 8{-2}, CON 12 {2}, DEX 20 {10}, INT 36 {26}, WIS 14 {4}, CHA 10 {0})
18PP 72 Skill Points
(Computers{12}, Concentration{10}, Craft: Electronic{10}, Craft: Mechanical{10}, Disable Device{10}, Drive{10}, Pilot{10})
4PP 4 Feats
(Eidetic Memory, Improved Initiative{x2}, Improvised Tools)
3PP Rank 2 Datalink 100
(+1 Power Feat, Machine Control)
4PP Rank 2 Comprehend
10PP Super Senses (Radio)
(Additional Sense{1}, Accurate{2}, Acute{1}, Analytical{1}, Extended{2}, Radius{1}, Rapid{1}, Tracking{1})
14PP Rank 4 Animate Objects
(+2 Power Feat, Progression x2, +1/R Horde, -1/R Limited {Machines})
42PP Rank 10 Alternate Forms******
(+2 Alternate Power x2, -1/R Projection)

* First Alternate Form: Humanoid Nano Swarm
10PP Rank 10 Immunity
(Aging{1}, Disease{1}, Poison{1}, Suffocation{2}, Electricity{5})
32PP Rank 6 Disintegration
(+1 Power Feat, Reversible, +1 Power Feat, Alternate Power)
AltPwr 28PP Rank 9 Corrosion
(+1 Power Feat, Reversible)

** Second Alternate Form: Ground Vehicle (SUV/VAN)
10PP Rank 10 Immunity
(Aging{1}, Disease{1}, Poison{1}, Suffocation{2}, Electricity{5})
15PP Rank 8 Growth
(-1/R Permanent, -1 Full Power)
4PP Rank 4 Speed

*** Third Alternate Form: Aerial Vehicle (Jet Helicopter)
10PP Rank 10 Immunity
(Aging{1}, Disease{1}, Poison{1}, Suffocation{2}, Electricity{5})
15PP Rank 8 Growth
(-1/R Permanent, -1 Full Power)
14PP Rank 7 Flight