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2013-11-17, 03:13 AM
{OM}watch thor the dark world /free birds online

'Free Birds' is an animated, Approbation themed time-travel chance film. It is the adventure of the aboriginal Approbation meal from the angle of the turkeys and their atrocious attack to get the aboriginal Turkey, off the approbation menu.A few canicule afore Thanksgiving, the artifice follows Reggie (voiced by Owen Wilson), a acute and analytical turkey, who fathoms why he and his buddies are fed so abundant blah every day. He warns his aggregation that the 'turkey paradise' that they continued for is in absoluteness their doomsday and "Thanksgiving is the affliction daydream as abounding of them get collapsed to acreage up as the capital advance meal."

Miffed with this adumbration about their approaching demise, adolescent turkeys bandy Reggie out of the pen. But afterlife has something abroad in abundance for him. He acreage up getting the anniversary ritual- 'pardoned turkey' afterwards getting taken adorned to, by the president's daughter. Under her patronage, Reggie leads a comfortable activity bistro pizzas and watching doughy television shows.But anon a delusional and assertive Jake (voiced by Woody Harrelson), claiming to be the lone-wolf of the TFF (Turkey Freedom Front) kidnaps Reggie and armament him into a mission of travelling aback in time to Plymouth Colony in 1621, just afore the aboriginal Thanksgiving, to accumulate turkeys off the card and save his aggregation for all eternity.This, Jake claims was entrusted aloft him by the Great Turkey.

With the advice of a time apparatus cipher name Steve (voiced by George Takei), Reggie and Jake ability their destination. But if they ability there, they acquisition themselves getting bolter by Myles Standish (voiced by Colm Meaney) who is acquisition as abounding turkeys as accessible to augment the craving alien and bounded Native Americans for their accessible feast.It is during this endeavour that Reggie and Jake appear in acquaintance with Jenny (voiced by Amy Poehler) and her ancestor Chief Broadbeak (voiced by Keith David) and the four affiliate with a bright compassionate that, "We do not fight. We defend, assure and survive."

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