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2007-01-10, 07:01 PM
There are creatures of this world and beyond who have been endowed with great powers to oversee the development of the future. Usually they are messengers of Fortune itself, and act as neutral watchers. When needed or dictated by the ebb and flow of Fortune, a Fate will act. But until then, they are powerful onlookers, waiting until the time for action is at hand. Usually, a Fate is one who has fallen victim to Fortune in life or death and is brought back to serve as a Fate to an event relevant to the events which brought about their end.

Once a Fate's task is complete, it returns to the afterlife where it usually gains greater respect for its work in the Task it was set forth to carry out. (A good chance of getting the attention of a god to help bring them back.) A Fate that is destroyed during its Task is consumed by Fortune for its failure and will most likely be replaced when the opportunity arises.

Creating a Fate
The Fate template may be applied to any creature with mental scores above 16 who has died. Upon creation, a Fate is given a Task: the event is must oversee as Fortune's sentinel. A Task is usually of epic importance, something that could bring about great change.

Size and Type: The size of the base creature is unchanged. Its type becomes Outsider and it gains the (Native) and (Augmented) subtypes. The Fate is treated as (Native) to any plane that is relevant to its Task. In any other case, it becomes (Extraplanar). When a Fate dies it can never be brought back to like or become en-Fated again, even by means normally possible to an Outsider (even divine intervention).

Armor Class: The base creature gains a +10 insight bonus to its armor class.

Saving Throws: The base creature gains a +5 insight bonus to saving throws.

Special Abilities:
Great Guard of Fate (Su): A Fate is immune to death, critical hits, fatigue/exhaustion, energy drain, fear, poison, disease, ability damage/drain, stunning, sleep, paralysis, and mind-affecting effects. A Fate also gains SR 10+HD.

Regeneration (Ex): A Fate has regeneration equal to its HD (a Fate regrows lost limbs, including its head). Divine damage overcomes this ability (like a troll and fire).

Task Sense (Su): A Fate is always aware of what is going on with its given Task. If the course of a Task is altered or something new occurs, the Fate is automatically notified and may view that area as if were there. The Fate gains the benefit of true seeing, detect magic, and detect thoughts. No one present is aware of the Fate's presence except for another Fate (Fates usually come in multiples; one to each side of the conflict).

Great Finding (Su): A Fate may spend a full round action to duplicate the effects of locate object or locate creature (CL 20; can't be fooled by polymorph, nor can it be blocked by obstructions).

Fortune's Favor (Su): As an immediate action, a Fate may increase or decrease the outcome of a roll by an amount up to its HD. A Fate may only add or subtract a total of points up to its HD per day.

Spell-like Abilities: At will - magic circle against law/chaos/evil/good, commune (Fortune), greater invisibility*. 1/minute - greater teleport, greater scrying, true seeing, contact other plane (no Int/Cha decrease).
* = The greater invisibility of a Fate is subjective: it may reveal itself to any number of creatures at will. A creature with true seeing must beat a caster level check of a DC equal to twice the Fate's HD+10 (use the CL of the true seeing effect).

Code of the Fates: A Fate is restricted by a rigid code of conduct:
It may only reveal itself to the most important figures of its Task. If the importance of that person is questionable, it is deemed unimportant.
A Fate cannot intervene of prevent the courses of action of others directly. It may act as a guide however.
A Fate's alignment must be neutral (true neutral, neutral evil, lawful neutral, etc.).CR: +10

2007-01-10, 07:42 PM
Do you have psychic powers? Fortune's Favor follows the exact mechanics for an ability I gave a PrC that I'm building.

I think adding Etherealness as a spell-like ability (maybe 1/minute) would be in line with the general flavor of the template.

Fax Celestis
2007-01-10, 08:47 PM
Your retyping process is strange. I'd say that their type changes to Outsider (Augmented X, Native) and specify that they cannot be raised if they die.