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2013-11-20, 03:21 PM
As I am a compulsive tinkerer with any system I run, I have been thinking about some issues with Pathfinder. Generally I like the system but it can be better.

So here are some suggested rules along with some of the thoughts behind the changes. I would greatly appreciate some comments on it. Thanks in advance.

Armor training also increase armor bonus, shield bonus, bonus from Combat Expertise or fighting defensively by listed amount. Only one AC increase can be used at a time. Does not apply while flat-footed.

Because the Fighter, for all that it is better now than it was in 3.0/5, still lacks something. AC does not scale at the same rate as attack and damage bonuses, so this is a little something to increase the usefulness of the Fighter's features.

Replace existing Favored Enemy with:
Favored enemy: When confronting an opponent, make an appropriate Knowledge roll. If successful, you gain a +2 bonus on Bluff and Sense Motive, checks against creatures of his selected type. Likewise, he gets a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against them. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter the bonus increases by 2.

Additionally, when you first gain this ability and every time the bonus increases, you may choose one creature type (use the Favored Enemy list from the CRB, except that all Humanoids are rolled together into one). The appropriate Knowledge skill is now a class skill, and you need not successfully identify the creature to gain the bonus against them. Also, you add the bonus to Perception, Knowledge and Survival rolls against that type of creature.

I felt it odd that a ranger could be very good at tracking and killing undead yet have no idea what he's actually up against. Hence, tying Knowledge skills to chosen Favored Enemy. Yes, the whole 'make untrained rolls' was in some way meant to fix that, but I prefer this version better.

As for rolling all Humanoids into one class, I understand this makes it very powerful, considering how often you come up against such opponents. However, since categories like Aberrations and Outsiders are more of a grabbag of random stuff they couldn't fit other places, with wildly varying anatomies and terrains, I don't think it too outlandishly powerful.

Shield bonus: buckler +1, light +2, heavy +4, tower +6.

Shields are very, very useful IRL, and are generally considered well underpowered in the game. While this change doesn't really reflect the full usefulness, it does make shields a bit more attractive. All other things such as ACP and weight etc. are unchanged.

Combat rules
Feinting is now a move action.
A character adds their dexterity to the CMB
Aid Another in combat works with and for ranged attacks as well, need not roll

I never understood the need to make Feinting a standard action. Maybe it's just my limited experience with melee combat but feints I made and experienced were always no more than a second or so in duration - enough to make you react but not so long you have time to understand it's a feint. Also, this will be more useful for rogues, who need a little boost.
If creatures can add both their Str and Dex to CMD, why not CMB? Try to even out the dominance of CMD over CMB at higher levels.
I changed the Aid Another rules so that hordes of weenie arches can actually hit something a bit more often than on a nat 20, and removed the AC10 roll to reduce the number of rolls made in combat. It makes combat go a lot faster and allows certain wussy opponents to remain somewhat viable threats longer.

Generally, there are too many ****ty feats out there, the kind no one takes except that they are necessary for something else useful. I don't like that idea, so I have either removed the offenders or rolled them in with other feats. I disliked splitting up certain feats into two, negating much of the point of giving characters more feats in PF. Some feats were given a little boost because they are decent enough at low levels but less so at higher levels. This is not a comprehensive list, just the ones that have annoyed me the most

Dodge - Gain +1 dodge bonus to AC. At BAB 4 and every 4 points of BAB increase after that, increase the bonus by +1. Gain a +4 Dodge bonus to AC vs attacks of opportunity caused. by movement.
Remove Mobility.

I like Dodge and almost always find a place for it in my characters, but it is undeniably less useful at higher levels. This way it grants a nice little bonus throughout your career and helps the BAB focused classes more than others.

Fold Greater Trip/Bull Rush/Overrun/Disarm/Grapple/Sunder (and all other similar DMB based feat shains) into Improved versions (like 3.5), and entire +4 bonus applies to CMD vs. such maneuvers. Remove Combat Expertise as a prerequisite. Add Maneuver Master (see below) as prerequisite.

I really didn't like splitting the 3.5 Improved Whatever feats up. That ruins the point of giving characters more feats.

Maneuver Mastery
Prerequisite: BAB +1
Benefit: Add +1 to your CMB. At 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter, increase this bonus by 1.

Considering how CMD has a tendency to outsrip CMB quite significantly at mid-plus levels, I hope this will help even things out.

Combat Expertise - (remove Intelligence 13 prereq, add BAB +1) double penalty in dodge bonus to AC.

Combat Expertise is another feat that has annoyed my a lot. I never really liked the 3.0/5 version capping at 5, but the PF version was really useless. This still isn't great, but it's a little better now. Also, I disliked forcing classes that are already somewhat MAD to waste points on Intelligence.

Improved Feint: allows feint as swift action

Endurance and Diehard are folded together under the name Diehard.

Endurance is one of those feats that I never saw the point of. I have never seen it taken on its own merits. If it's nothing but a pointless tax, roll it together with something better.

Run - remove Endurance as a prereq. In addition to higher running speed, your base speed increases by 5.

Weapon Focus - bonus increase by +1 at BAB 4 and every 4 points of BAB thereafter.

Weapon Specialization - damage bonus increase by 2 at BAB 4 and every 4 points of BAB thereafter.

Greater Weapon Focus replace with: 1s are no longer auto miss with selected weapon.

Greater Weapon Specialization replace with: Ignore first miss chance or DR each round.

Improved Great Fortitude/Lightning Reflexes, Iron Will are folded into the basic versions.

Spring Attack: remove Mobility as prereq. When performing a full-round action you may move before and after your standard action, so long as you do not move farther than your speed.

Remove Shot on the Run and Flyby Attack.

Point Blank Shot: works within 1st range increment, or minimum of 30 feet.

Weapon Finesse as CRB but can apply Dexterity bonus instead of Strength bonus to damage as well.

Teamwork feats work even if you are the only one who possess the feat. Multiple beings with same feat increase numerical values by 1 for each additional creature with the feat.

Vital Strike works with Spring Attack and charge
Improved Vital Strike Works in conjunction with all other standard action attacks.
Gt. Vital Strike: bonus dice are also multiplied on crit.

I am a bit uncertain about the changes to the Vital Strike group. This does make them less of a trap, but have I gone too far?

2013-11-21, 10:49 AM
The feat stuff looks good. I did something like that at one point, but it didn't get enough attention for me to continue it. Anyhow, I'd consider giving the fighters a few more shill points while you're at it, they certainly need it. I like the favored enemy change, especially the bonus knowledge skills.