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2007-01-11, 10:58 PM
I have no idea how to preface this, so I will just ramble:

Okay in the future humans uplift (make a nonsentient species intelligent) Dolphins, Chimpanzees, Gorrilas, and elephants. A while after that nano-bots become standard and begin infesting whole worlds. A splinter group of humanity leaves the Solar System and terraforms a world. back on Sol this group genetically engineers a supersoldier ruling class and enslaves a gropu of the Uplifts as slaves. They leave for said terraformed planet. Just before they arrive a huge rebellion happens and each group splits off in an escape pod. While this happens the Space ship crash lands on the polar ice caps completing melting them, and sinking most of the planets land. Whats left is a madagascar sized chunk with a ring of islands around it and then four archipelagos; one to the north which is medium sized, one to the east which is small, one to the south which is big, and an isolated one to the west.

Each species separates, the humans towards the ring and the south, the gorillas towards the east, the elephats towards the north, and the chimps toward the west. the neo-humans ccupy the center. Along the way during the chaos after the crash (technology back to the stone age) a mutation crops up in the neo0humans which modifies them inot monster; they look operfectly normal but are superhuman in strengh and intellect find sentient flesh tastes best, and can only breed with humans. The Computers computer split (there are a few Navigation life support etc) split off and by manipulating nanites become god-like. Each one will represent a Polynesian god archetype. In the southern archipelago it is polynesian as is every other part execpt the continet (madgascar sized island) where copper is used. The Neo-humans are powerful and have an empire which they run and then send out slaving misisions to all the islands.

Notes about the races:
-neo-humans (NPC only!): +2 strength, +4 con, +2 Int, +4 cha,
-gorillas: +2 str -2 cha, strong and tough but not the most charismatic
-chimps: +2 int -2 str, intelligent but small
-elephats: +3 con, + 2 str, - 3 dex -2 cha, strong and powerful becaus ethey only have on hand with two fingers dexterity suffers

Notes about classes:
-no monks or wizards, monks, paladins, and clerics, clerics paladins and monks do not fit the polynesian theme and ther is no writing so wizards can not transcribe spells
-Bards are now divine casters and have divination spells (priest in polynesia were in two types inspirational priest who told stories and ated a sconduits for there god, and ceremonial priest who did everyday religiousy suff)
-clerics are replaced with priests who are divine spell casters who do not have weapin proficiencies and also have some more skills.
-rangers lose the archery two hannded weaponry stuff and magic, but I do not know what to replace them with, please help!

Notes about technology
-obsidian spears and clubs are the most advanced weaponry used for most melee combat
-javelins and slings are for ranged
-copper and other metals found only in the continent and the ring
-orchards are grown extensively in the elephant lands

Help! So much is not fleshed out

2007-01-12, 12:17 AM
Reminds me of David Brin's Uplift universe.

2007-01-12, 02:13 AM
Generally stat increases and decreases go by even numbers; a +3/-3 isn't halfway between a +2/-2 and +4/-4, it's closer to a +4/-2, since you can put them both in odd stats an get +2 to one stat's modifier, -1 to another.

Other than that, I don't have any ideas, yet.