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2013-11-24, 01:41 PM
It seems at least once a week there's a new thread on fixing the 3.5/PF monk. Has anyone tried importing monk design from another system?

What's got me going is the Monk from Legend. Player's Handbook located here (http://www.ruleofcool.com/). Page 58 of the PDF.

It seems a LOT better; not as MAD (WIS for ATK and DAM, CON for AC), Full BAB, nice save progression, and interesting abilities. My concern is balance in a standard Pathfinder or 3.X game.

What about 4E? Other systems? I'm just trying to avoid homebrew, as it takes a LOT of work to make homebrew work.

The same applies with other "broken" classes or class concepts. Wanna be Robin Hood? Not by being a ranger, you won't (more likely fighter/rogue). Is there a system out ther that has a workable faux ranger that can be imported into 3.X/PF games without messign things up too badly?'

Maybe import the AD&D pally? Just started reading an AD&D book (foreword SAYS 2nd edition, but not on the cover or anywhere else. 1996 reprint of TSR's '89 edition). The pally in there seems pretty beefy, though less detailed.

2013-11-24, 02:06 PM
Why do you feel that importing a 4e class would be easier then using, say, jiriku's monk fix? The latter just requires evaluating relative balance (often helped by going through comments), while the first requires the same evaluation followed by a lot of homebrew effort to translate mechanics and numbers.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you could find classes in other editions that could work nicely once translated into 3.5... but it would take work, and not an insignificant amount of it. And it would be homebrew in every sense of the word.

2013-11-24, 03:20 PM
I should have been more clear: I meant simpler to import than creating my own homebrew, from scratch.

I mentioned 4e just to list a system. I'm not looking for a Monk build, per se; just wanted to get an idea of peoples hits or misses trying to import character classes, or traits from other systems. For example, I really dig Pathfinder's "Orison" and "Cantrip" freats; 0-level spells are at-will. Any time I can convince the DM, I get them incorporated into the game.