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2013-11-25, 01:28 PM
Hey all, I used to post here about 2 years ago for an old webcomic of mine called dino-zombies. Due to copyright issues I no longer post that comic.... BUT! I do have a new comic out which I do in-between client work for other comics. I hope you enjoy and would really appreciate some feedback to make Jed even better.


The point of Jed is for me to create something fun, simple yet dynamic. The art style is heavily influenced by Bruce Timm and Jack Kirby, and the themes of the book are inspired by Star Wars, Star Fox, and Dragon Ball Z.

I hope you enjoy and can't wait to hear what you all think!

All the best,


2013-11-25, 02:26 PM
Quite good, looking forward to what happens next!

2013-11-25, 02:34 PM
Thanks, Hopeless!

New page will be up next Monday :3. Anything that you don't like, or something you think I could improve on? thanks :)

2013-11-28, 12:49 PM

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! New page up early this week to celebrate :).

2013-12-02, 01:00 PM

Another new page up. What is everyone's opinion on it so far?