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2007-01-12, 08:58 PM
Here is where we will start the Ayame and Kirana NorZilliar vs. Shadow, the Silver Dragon Trial

a few ground rules

everyone that is required for the trial will be heard (I will determine if your voice needs to be heard)
I will tolerate no disruptions in the courtroom (you will be asked to leave, if you don't I will call the police and they will cart you off in handcuffs)
I am the Judge, I have the final say, I will listen to all arguments, just be patient.

Would Ayame, Kirana and Shadow please appear before me.

Shadow, the silver dragon is accused of Indiscriminate assault with breath weapon

evidence: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showt...=29675&page=25 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29675&page=25)

Shadow please state your plea for the record.

Ayame, Kirana or Shadow, do you wish to hire legal council?

possible witnesses


2007-01-12, 09:03 PM
Ayame and Kirana enter the courtroom. Ayame comes up and curtseys to Gwen.

If it please, ma'am: while I am not yet licensed to practice law, I have been studying for three years and hope to take my exam this summer. I will represent us.

2007-01-12, 09:57 PM
That'll be fine Ayame.

2007-01-13, 05:16 PM
"There will be no need for legal council on either side, your Honor. While I hesitate to use the term Indisriminate as you did, it was indeed improper. I lost my head when I saw Destro on the deck of the ship and acted hastily. Had I known the full details of the situation, I would not have released the Cone. Nonetheless, I did. For this reason, my plea will be guilty as charged."

2007-01-13, 05:19 PM
Ayame and Kirana, do you accept his plea?

2007-01-13, 07:27 PM
The girls nod and Ayame speaks up

Yes, your honor.

2007-01-13, 08:02 PM
Shadow stands.
Before you pass sentence, your Honor, might I ask why, of all the individuals involved in the chaotic battle, was I singled out? As I stated, it is true that I loosed my breath weapon on the airship. Of that there is no arguement. But many others present engaged in much more heinous activities, and as no-one fell to my blast, what exactly was my crime over thiers? It was battle, your honor. And I was not the only one involved. Nor did I start it. If charges are to be brought against me, then charges should be brought agaist all involved. Either that, or dismiss the charges agaist me.

2007-01-13, 09:03 PM
(( They sued you: this is civil, not criminal. They're mentality is that of late-teenagers, and Ayame got her mother's temper. ))

Ayame tries to explain

You have a strict liability with respect to your breath weapon as you have full control over its deployment and aiming. Therefore you are responsible for collateral damages if you use it without seeing who else is in its range.

Um... we're only asking for the cost of the Heal spells that we had to use.

And that evil, freaky Saurous guy is in jail now.

Um... we'll make sure any criminal charges are dropped... that was a bit much...

2007-01-13, 09:05 PM
My mistake. I was under the impression that this was a criminal matter.
My plea of guilty stands. Send me the bill.

2007-01-13, 10:11 PM
Gwen smiles, so ruled, Shadow will pay the cost for the Heal spells used. This trial is hereby concluded.

2007-01-13, 10:19 PM
Geez... I felt bad enough about it after I figured out that Destro was actually fighting on the right side. That's why I threw myself in front of that sword that was about to cleave you in half. My side still hurts. And the thanks I get... "Here, now we're suing you." Yeah... You're welcome. Shadow grumbles under his breath as he exits the courtroom.

2007-01-13, 10:23 PM
Kirana looks daggers at Ayame

Good going: now he's mad at us. You just had to play Miss Fancy-Pants Lawyer

But... he...

Just shut up.

Kirana stomps out of the courtroom. Ayame trudges after her, wondering how winning could feel quite so bad.