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2007-01-12, 09:02 PM
in our first game one of xykons lair rooms ended up at battle size 85+, when the battle deck emptied, there being about 60 monsters there at that point.

so my question would be is battle deck shuffled if it runs out?

and if you are qurious the battle started with xykons loyal hobgoblin (support horde goblin) and soon got another support horde goblin mob, after wich ny goblin played actually raised the total battle size, soon also 2 goblin necromancers also saw the light, after wich all undead just made more room too, at this point the free battle size was about 10 (so 10 more before the battle size was full), a couple of roaches made 4 room each, and as you can imagine the battle deck ended as we were allready in the lair.

needless to say the goblins who had support +2/+2 from goblins kinda killed me as there was about 15 goblins in the pile of 60 mobs, i think i managed to kill 4 mobbs before the 9th in the pile wasted me....

well just want your comments on this =)


2007-01-15, 05:38 AM
Each monster only counts for one horde...the number of cards left to play should never increase.

2007-01-15, 06:56 PM
The Giant described the hord ability as "making a monster type invisible to the battle size", rather than actualy increasing the battle size. This results in goblins not counting towards the battle size, rather than allowing 4 more cards to be played.

I had this very same problem with Xykon, when we played every single monster into the room.

2007-01-22, 12:49 PM
i tried doing that, making it huge, but nobody else wanted to so it was only around 16 monsters, and yeah, we did it wrong too