View Full Version : [3.5]Help to adapt Sorcerer to Psioncs Rules

2013-11-26, 05:58 PM
[English is not my First Language, so nevermind my errors... :smalltongue: ]
Heya People!
I don't know if I can post here asking for help to an homebrew, but, if I cannot, can someone redirect this for the right place, please?

I'll use and adaptation of the classes of the PHB, using the Psionic Rules (Vancian to Psionics), for an Game. Ok.
But the Sorcerer that is showed there, is almost equal to the Wilder. And, my scenario has Psionics, just like normal casters. And, unfortunately, I need some advice to mantain the "chaos" flavour of the Wilder, but changing the rules, to not make him an copy of Wilder.

Someone has an idea to make him different of Wilder?
Thank You for the Advice, and sorry about my bad english. Really Sorry!