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2013-11-28, 10:38 AM
I've been looking at Sneak Attack advancements. I know of the Epic "Improved Sneak Attack" that adds +1d6 every time you take it.

But I was thinking, instead of an Epic version, what about a Mundane version? Thought we could hash out some ideas here.

I've seen an idea where all Damage Dice are increased from 1d6 to 1d8, which isn't really a good boost. What I was thinking is that you gain a +1 Attack Roll Bonus per Damage Dice you are using from Sneak Attack. So, if you have SA of +5d6, you gain a +5 Attack Roll. This makes your accuracy far greater, since you are striking someone who, essentially, isn't really capable of moving as it is.

For the Greater Sneak Attack, you gain +2 to Damage Rolls per Damage Dice you have. So, again a +5d6 yields a total of +10 Damage.

Both of these are perfectly in line with the standard Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization, which offer a +1 AB / +2 DB as it is, anyway.

Perhaps even a "Superior Sneak Attack" could me made, for Epic Levels, in which your strike is considered a Touch Attack.

Thoughts on this design? I need to go (Girlfriend wants me and my mom with her and her dad for Thanksgiving) so I can't offer any replies now, but I'll get to them later.

Feel free to hash out Prerequisites if you guys like the idea. I assume there will be some base SA that must be met, as well as a BAB.

What I'm thinking is that you'd also need a certain Wisdom Score, because Wisdom is your insight and common sense. Yes, Intelligence is your overall knowledge and intellect, but the way I see it is that Intelligence will tell you more so about the properties of the materials used to create the armor you must bypass, while Wisdom would tell you exactly what it's weaknesses are and where it's openings are.

An example is this;

Looking at a fully plated soldier, you would know it's Damascus Steel with hard leather straps. You know that the stamp in the metal means it came from a master forgemaster, so it's going to be very strong and of Masterwork Quality. You know that the opponent can't really move in it due to it's size, so a Flanking Bonus should be applied if you get behind them.

Wisdom would tell you that the inner thigh is not protected, and that the artery in the leg can be exposed for severing if you use Sneak Attack. Wisdom will also tell you that there is a spot in the side where the straps overlap, so no metal protects the lower flank of the torso.

2013-11-28, 10:41 AM
And of course the bonuses would not stack with those of WF, WS, GWF, and GWS. Sneak Attack is Precision Damage, which is an external modifier to your Base Damage. Since WF, WS, GWF, and GWS offer bonuses to your Base Damage, they are not technically applied to your Precision Damage.

This way, you gain the benefits of WF and WS while not actually being able to apply them under normal conditions.

... Should those be Prerequisites? WF for ISA and WS for GSA?