View Full Version : CoC 6e Zombie Apocalypse Rules [PEACH]

2013-11-29, 05:03 PM

This is my first time posting any of my homebrew work on here, but I'd like some critique to make sure everything seems balanced. I'm modifying some of the rules for Chaosiums Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition to try and make a more streamlined zombie survival game.

It's still a work in progress, but I think the rules portion is finished barring any oversights I've made that you wonderful people point out. I'm currently working to type up monster descriptions and stats from the paper copies I made a while back.

So! The link is below (not sure how to make it look pretty and turn a word into a link) and I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or comments about anything that is confusing, poorly worded, underpowered, overpowered, or extraneous!

(If the link doesn't work for you guys let me know and I can try and fix it, I'm using Google Docs to host the Word file for now)