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2013-12-01, 10:45 AM
Fantastic Heroes & Witchery is a new OSR role-playing game. 430 pages, based on several editions from "classic" to "3e," but also incorporating material to play science-fantasy games. A free PDF is available for download on the official website (click banner below); and if you like the game, it can be purchased as a POD book on Lulu. I hope you wll like it! :)

Get the PDF and other freebies on the official website! (http://www.dcrouzet.net/heroes-witchery/) :smallcool:

2013-12-01, 03:27 PM
Checking it out, although 430 pages sounds like too much for me for an OSR game. ACKS is a bit heavy at 260 pages (although it shakes out to be pretty rules-light).

First impression: I am not a fan of the double pages (I use a laptop, and single pages fit nicely on one half of my screen).

Edit: The art is 90% righteous. The Jim Holloway picture on page 8 is perfection.

Edit: Mad ups for including the science fiction material. That stuff is pretty central to the material D&D is based on, and senselessly neglected in the history of D&D.

2014-04-10, 11:25 AM
Fantastic Heroes & Witchery is back as Version 2.0 !!

Version 2.0 is a better (although still not perfect) proof-reading, and has got 70 spells entirely rewritten and renamed (i.e. same purposes and ideas, but new spells nonetheless), in order to better comply with the OGL. A couple pieces of art have also been changed. Otherwise it's still free to download:

Get the PDF and other freebies on the official website! (http://www.dcrouzet.net/heroes-witchery/) :smallcool: