View Full Version : Green Warden PRC Ideas 3.5

2013-12-02, 10:08 PM
Hello Fellow Gamers,

I am just starting in on a new campaign so the rush on this is not immediate, however I am looking to create a PRC for my druid(I know druid rarely benefits from this, but the game is not a heavy optimization game and more r/p than anything else.) So based on the story, my character is a heavily devoted druid of Mielikki (Forgotten Realms Campaign), Half Fey, and since we don't use point buy system only rolls dumb as a brick(ie 5 INT). That being said he is very devout even so far as I have been allowed to take Exalted feats.

My real question is I am looking to create a high power late game 5 lvl PRC for Green Warden(Chosen of Mielikki), but at a loss for what sort of abilities it would have. I spoke with my DM and came up with it being a path PRC...Both rangers and druids have to be able to enter it roughly around the same lvl and once you enter it you choose which path. The druid path or the ranger path, much like the combat mastery for ranger, bows or swords.

So that all being said, if any one has any idea what sort of abilities you think a chosen of Mielikki would have things I can throw past my DM it would be very helpful. Also, if I can figure it all out I can tailor my building of the character towards entering the class. Thank you in advance.

Some suggestions I have received are things like access to wild shape gargantuan early, gaining wildshape:fey or wild shape:Eladrin (both with the SU abilities), or even gaining the saint template. While any of them is ok, I have never actually done my own PRC and not sure how to balance anything like that out.