View Full Version : Nettle-ents and Ursagi

2007-01-14, 11:42 AM
I'm kind of new to the whole D20 world and designing creatures, however I had two ideas for monsters, both on either side of the challenge spectrum. However, aside from descriptions, I'm not sure as to how to flesh them out. Pointers?

1) Nettle-ents. I came up with the idea after having to do some digging near nettles and being reminded how much being stung hurt (It's been, like, a decade). They're a low-level creature created by miscast druid spells or mischeivous spirits, and are true neutral in alignment, and as the name implies are smaller, nettle based versions of the treant. On their own they don't pose much of a threat, even to low level characters, however they rarely grow alone. A group of ten would pose a risk to a low-level group. The poison isn't deadly by any stretch of the imagination, however it causes dexterity damage (Through numbing), which when coupled with their small size and the near impossibility to hit one with an arrow makes them a threat to low-level rogues. The poison wears of after a day or so, depending on how much the victim was stung. They're especially vulnerable to slashing weapons and fire, however, and while this won't stop them attacking fighters or mages, they don't last long against them. Nettle-ents generally hide amongst other groups of nettles, waiting for someone to come close enough for them to use their poison touch attack.

2) Ursagi- A while ago I had the idea of a bear-man to use in stories, only to find Furbolgs and Werebears have made this idea a bit of a cliche. However, Ursagi (I pulled the name from Exile 3, a game I have fond memories of) are different in one way; they are completely impervious to magic. Not just offensive, but beneficial effects as well. Ursagi think anyone casting magic is casting offensive magic against them, and as such they've been known to turn on clerics on their own side. They have no specific alignment, however they are intelligent enough to conscientiously perform acts of virtue and sadism in equal measure. Ursagi stand roughly seven foot tall, and are slightly stronger than an orc in terms of strength. No magical energy can affect them; using a spell on them makes them more likely to attack the caster. A spell with a physical effect, such as freezing him to the spot, would still work, however magical energies are useless. They never wear armour, or use weapons, preferring to rely on their grapple attacks and generate confusion by throwing enemies at each other. As a special attack they can either lift a grappled opponent and throw him into someone (or something) else, or if they are surrounded, they can perform a massive swipe which does little damage but knocks enemies prone to the ground. They have low wisdom, dexterity and charisma scores.
I didn't want to overpower the Ursagi as they already have a massive advantage (In that any spellcaster is rendered virtually useless with one around) as well as a massive disadvantage (They have to rely on Heal skill to restore health as a clerics healing would have no effect), however one Ursagi poses a moderate threat to a reasonably high-level group.

If anyone has suggestions, or would like to contribute, please post. Thanks.