View Full Version : Making character portraits with games, sites, programs etc.

2013-12-04, 08:56 PM
For those of you who like having character portraits, but lack satisfactory artistic ability, how do you like to make them?

I've been using MMO's for a long time, particularly champions online. I find it's useful for a wide variety of things and fine details, especially when it comes to equipment.

So what resources do you guys like? Feel free to post some of your characters.

Here's a small imgur album of mine (http://imgur.com/a/R3Nqe#0)
The tiefling is a magus who was my character for a long time, while the orc was a gentleman thief who, as the backup character, didn't see much action. Dani was a player's character who needed my help making what he wanted for the campaign I was running. I really wish I had seen game of thrones when he was describing his character.