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2013-12-05, 03:23 AM
I'd like to apologize, english is not my main language and although I can read perfectly i do lack practice about writing it

One thing I never found was a system to satisfactorily play Pokémon , especially one based in the gameboy version. For those who do not know this game world is quite different from the anime ( I stopped watching after the first season , anyway) and personally I find most interesting .
Anyway, I am working on a system to make it possible to play it but its missing some key points and I would like some ideas:


THE GAMEBOY: Pokemon have six attributes ( HP , Special Attack , Physical Attack , Special Defense , Speed ​​and physical defense ) . These attributes are divided into scores ranging from 0 to 255 (easy to check in websites like Bulbapedia)

MY IDEA: It's simple to convert the scores from 0 to 255 in a d6 table

Mewtwo has the following attributes : HP 106 , 110 Physical Attack , Physical Defense 90 , Special Attack 154 , Special Defense and 130 Speed. OR in d6 table : HP 5d6 , 6d6 Physical Attack , Physical Defense 4d6 , 8d6 Special Attack , Special Defense 4d6 and Speed 7d6

(the player does not need to know this math , these are just creation 101 tools)


GAMEBOY: Speed ​​is a different attribute and basically serves to define who acts first in each round (needless to say how important it is to tackle first ) . Who has the highest value of Speed ​​attacks first .

MY IDEA: Who have the highest amount of speed attacks first (if the both Pokemon have the same amount of speed then roll the dice to see who goes first ) add the functionality of movement . Each pokemon would have an move per turn equal to its value d6. A pokemon with speed 1d6 move a 1 square (or yard, or whatever) and so on


GAMEBOY: There are two kind of moves: Physical and Special. Each attack has its own type, accuracy and power value pre-set
MY IDEA: Just adjust keep table .

EXAMPLE : Flamethrower is a Special Fire-type attack that can hit any target adjacent . It has 100% accuracy, 90 power ( ie 4d6 ) and 10 % chance to get the opponent with burning status (it loses 1/8 of total HP every turn untill to be healed and his physical moves goes down to half)


GAMEBOY: There are two other important things to calculate the power of a hit that are effectiveness and STAB . (same type attack bonus)

Effectiveness is one of the classical concepts of pokemon and everyone knows : a certain type attacks deal damage varied against different types of pokemon . Modifiers are

IMMUNE : do not take damage ( example : Rock Pokemon are immune to electric attacks )
TOUGH : Takes half damage
NORMAL : Takes normal damage
WEAK : Takes double damage ( the classic " it's super effective" )
DELICATE : Takes 4x damage ( usually happens when the Pokémon has two types that are weak against the same element , like a pokemon fire / flying take 4x the damage from attacks rock type. Sucks to be you, Charizard)

STAB is a less popular but equally important system : when a pokemon uses a blow of the same type it is ( a psychic pokemon using a psychic attack, a pokemon water type using a water attack) damage is multiplied by 1.5

MY IDEA: I do not have to mess around here , because they are key concepts of the system. Just multiply the relevant modifiers in the final value of the damage from the blow


GAMEBOY: the pokemon combat system is complex but work on a few simple assumptions . An attack has a % to hit (pre-set value). Once hitting the strike causes damage that can be calculated (roughly ) as follows :

PHYSICAL ATTACK : [Physical Attack Power + Move power Bonus - Defense physical target] x any relevant bonus
SPECIAL ATTACK: [Special Attack power + Move power bonus - Special Defense target] x any relevant bonus

MY IDEA: Using the table again.

EXAMPLE : Mewtwo uses Psychic (power 90 , then 4d6 ) against Shuckle .
Psyche has hit 100 %
Damage : Special Attack Mewtwo 8d6 + 4d6 Move Powere - Special Defense Shuckle 8d6
Relevant modifiers : STAB Bonus. No bonus efficiency type ( Shuckle is a Bug/rock type pokemon that has no weakness against psychic )
TOTAL : Damage 4d6 x 1.5


GAMEBOY: Roughly they are calculated based on the HP attribute of pokemon multiplied by their level

MY IDEA: I'm at loss here. This is a very delicate balance point and I have no idea how to play with it . I mean, what should be an ideal value ? How much hit points would be too much and how much would be too little ?

I have some basis to work , for example: in the game when two Pokemon of the same level battle a supereffective hit tends to take about the half-life, but i do not know how to turn this in a game system


GAMEBOY: levels and evolution are key elements in the game system. Increase attributes , define when a pokemon learn new moves and when it can evolve into another form . The game goes from level 1 to level 100 .

When a pokemon wins a battle he gains two things : experience and EVs . Experience is good old XP and says when you level up (each pokemon gives a standardized amount of XP to give when defeated)

EV ( effort value) is a very interesting mechanic that determines how your pokemon improves as defeating opponents and works like this: when defeated each pokemon gives an X value of EV to certain attribute (defeat a Ratata gives speed, so if you went from level up defeating mainly Ratatas your speed attribute will rise more than others at the time of level up )

MY IDEA: Again, I need ideas here .
How would the progression works? Like D&D system (win XP, level up and get this pre-determined skill)
Or should go like GURPS , with no levels where instead you gain a pool of points to buy whatever you think is relevant ( to improve attributes , new moves , evolution , etc. )

And I really like the EVs idea, but I do not see an organic and simple way to adapt it to a system.

Anyway, so far these are my scraps so far

2013-12-05, 06:44 AM
For Health, just multiply your HP Dice by 3.5, and then multiply by level.

Should work out.

2013-12-05, 09:16 AM
I've been working on a d20 system since Gen 3/ Gen 4 if you're interested.
I have no idea what d6 is, so I won't be much help for that. =\