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2007-01-15, 12:00 AM
Miatog walks around the streets looking for a nice place to put up…a door. He decides that in front of an ally would be a good place. He takes out a red potion and throws it to the ground. There, the red liquid makes a large white cloud that quickly disperses; anyone that looks into the cloud would swear to see the word ‘POOF’. Where the cloud was, there is now a red door. It’s standing up, and seems to lead to no where. Miatog opens the door to make sure that it worked correctly. Sure enough, it leads into another room. “And now I’m open for business.” Miatog pulls a sign from his robe and places on top of the door, the sign reads:

Miatog’s Knowledge Shop

Inside the shop are three doors and a desk. Behind the desk is a lovely assistant, Rose. Above each door is a sign, they read, Knowledge Bank, Knowledge Trade, and Knowledge Learn.

Rose is always busy writing something down but is more then happy to help a customer. She wears a red dress that covers her modestly, but looks like it could easily come off. She has long blond hair and blue eyes. “I also speak kindly in red.”

Knowledge Bank:
The door to the right leads to Knowledge Bank. Inside the bank you find that there’s just enough room for more then one person until you reach the counter. However, it will grow as needed and will become very large for those that dislike small spaces. The teller is wearing a green suit and has a friendly look on his face. “I speak only in Green.”

Here you can open an account where you can store as much knowledge as you want. It can be taken from your mind, or copied. Either way, a long tube will be put on your forehead and you will feel, painless and strange to non psychics, the knowledge leaving you.

Knowledge Trade:
The middle door leads to the Knowledge Trader. In this room you see two chairs setting back to back. The chairs are large and white. The back seems to be made of some kind of stone while the rest of it is wooden with a comfortable red cushion. There is a male assistant here in a white tee shirt and brown shorts. “I speak in a kool plum color man.”

Here when two people sit down in the chairs they think of what they want the other to know and it will be passed on. Like the bank, both parties will feel the knowledge leaving and coming. As far as anyone can see, there are no connections between the two chairs.

Knowledge Learn:
The door to the left will take you to the Learning Room. Here you find a chair just like the one in the Trader room. There is a female assistant here. She’s dressed in a brown business suit and “Speaks in a firm Blue.”

In this room you can tell the assistant what you want to learn about. She’ll then go over to the back wall and work with a computer that nobody but Shop employees can see and interact with. If it’s in there you’ll be directed to sit down and think of what you want kept private. Then you will learn all about that subject and an equal amount of knowledge will be copied from you into the system. It’s made so that what ever you want to keep to yourself will be looked for last. And it will look for anything that’s not in the system that Miatog would like to know about.

If you want to know about how something, like a spell or a ‘common’ item works, you have very good odds that it’s in here, about a famous person, also good odds. If it’s about someone that Miatog hasn’t heard about before then you’ll be lucky to learn anything on it.

Lord Sidereal
2007-01-17, 11:47 AM
Cable walks in, looks at miatog, and his jaw drops. "Ha, its you! HA! Ahhh how odd this whole place is. Anyway, I need to know if theres anything... y'know, important, I guess, that a celestial needs to do?"

2007-01-22, 12:13 AM
[]Sorry about how long it’s been. First Burning Crusade distracted me then my internet died.

Also, you got Enigma and Miatog mixed up again….[]

Miatog gives a strange look at Cable. “I’m sorry, I don’t recall meeting you before. Oh well. Celestial is it? That tends to vary from rea…plane to plane but I think I’ve figured out how they work here. Please, come this way.”

Miatog leads Cable into the Leaning room and walks over to the assistant. “How are we on getting the info on celestials here?”

“Let me check but I think we have all of the basics and most of the more specific data. We just need to double check some of out information.” She walks over to the far corner and types on air. “Yes sir, I was correct.”

“Wonderful. Now, if you will just sit down here sir you can learn what you want to know.” Miatog motions to the chair. “The chair will give you everything that you want to pay for while taking the payment; which is nothing more then some knowledge from you. You’ll know before the payment part comes, at which point keep in mind some of the last things you want to be given. The system will only copy from you, so you will retain anything that I would find interesting.”