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2013-12-06, 03:23 PM
Anyone out there willing to aid a DM in the fight... the good fight against those devious players?

1. The players in the current campaign recently spoilt the fun / angered a trickster demon lord, who, while not too interested in revenge straight up, has his eye on them now as targets. I was wondering about two things: One, are there any spells / magical items you think are great for this sort of nasty. I've already gone for things such as Polymorph and Hideous Laughter, along with a strange Jester rod, but I was wondering about anything else? Two, any ideas for tricks he can play on them?

2. Can Dryads become Liches? I realise it's up to me, being the DM, but I was just wondering if it was conceivable? Perhaps some rotting, burnt mockery of nature?

3. One of the characters in the party is a Feytouched bordering on insanity. So far, most of the party have had some focus time on them, but I'm finding it hard to give said character some focus, and it feels like she is on the fringe a little bit. I plan to have a character turn up in the future, another Feytouched, how may end up with feelings for said character. I don't know if that's a good idea or not, but if I'm going with it, I'm wondering how I could have the characters interact, have the character feel something.

4. The players have also ended up being the enemies of a powerful Devil, and they know the only way to beat him is to weaken him first. I'm planning for some sort of Word of Creation to weaken his dark power. The word itself was kept in two halves since it was hoarded away by evil powers. The first half is known to another powerful Devil, while the second is recorded in an ancient dark tome. I have ideas for the tome, but I'm looking for advice for the half from the Devil in question. I'm thinking that the Devil wishes to have some unholy marriage with the previously mentioned trickster demon. How they'll get him to agree to it is another thing. That's my current idea, but I'm open for any improvements / advice.

If you can help with any of these, thanks in advance. Otherwise, still thanks for reading.

2013-12-06, 07:53 PM
1. He could plant some cursed items in their treasure?

2. The dryad could be petrified wood. I'm not sure why a Dryad would become a lich though. As far as I recall, they should already be immortal.

2013-12-07, 12:13 AM
1. He is a trickster, so have him manipulate the party into attacking each other. Kind of like Loki in the Avengers. You could also have him transform into a normal looking person and join the party as an NPC only to betray them later. Maybe kill and replace their favorite NPC and send them on a suicide mission. Have the trickster strike their reputation, friends, safe havens and items. Make the party feel paranoid and that no place is safe. Have the him send waves of minions to dog the party everywhere they go. He could be a very dangerous opponent outside of combat. Eventually though, the party will hunt him down.

2. I don't think they can technically become a lich (dryads are fey and a lich needs to be added to a humanoid type character) but as you said, your the DM so do what you want. I love the idea of a dryad lich.

3. Wish I had more to say on this one. The only thing I have is a warning, Whenever I think the players will react a certain way, they don't. Maybe talk to the player and try to see what they would like?

4. Devils love to screw each other over indirectly. The one that knows the word could just give it to the party to screw over the other devil. The party does his dirty work while he just sits back while his enemy dies.

I hope my ideas help you create an awesome adventure ^_^

2013-12-07, 02:29 AM
Most import question of the rules specific bits - which RPG system? This sounds like D&D which gives you a choice of 3 sub-forums where you stand a better chance of getting the right answer as they are system-specific sub-forums (well not other, but I doubt if you are asking about pre-3E anyway).