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2013-12-06, 05:37 PM
The Elves of Middle Earth are in some ways similar to those of Dungeons & Dragons, but are generally larger and more powerful (aside from their lack of Vancian magic). Attributes of the races are as follows:

Immortality: All Elves (but not Half-Elves) are immune to disease and aging, including by magical means. Not even a Wish spell can alter this, nor can it permanently destroy any elf. Upon death the elf has his psyche refurbished in the Halls of Mandos, after which he may return to the Blessed Isle, or even Middle Earth. Few choose to do so, at least in any relevant time span.

Cold Resistance: Ordinary cold environments pose no problem for the Elf. An Elf may make a saving throw against any cold based attack, even those that do not normally allow one, with a +4. If the attack ordinarily allows a Saving Throw the Elf takes 1/4 damage on a successful Save, and 1/2 on a failure. If the attack does not normally allow a Saving Throw the Elf takes 1/2 damage on a successful Save and full damage on failure.

Low-light Vision: Elves can see five times as far as humans in dim light, and may discern details and color as though it were day.

Keen Senses: Elves of Middle Earth posses the trap finding ability of standard Elves, and half the chance of Surprise. They double their chance to Hear Noise (1-2 on 1d6, or by class ability). They may ignore up to -3 in range penalties, either for scanning distant areas or ranged attacks.

Pass without Trace: Elves may move through territory without leaving a discernible trail, even to the extent of running over snowbanks without causing footprints.

Rest While Traveling: Elves may achieve the effects of sleep while moving overland, and need not rest during such journeys. However, they can not do so in combat situations, or while excercising great caution and scrutiny, such as during a dungeon excursion.

Noldo: Str +1, Dex +3, Con +2 (maximum 19), Int +1, Wis +1, Cha +3, Com +3. Noldo have no level limits.

Sindarin: Dex +2, Con +1, Wis +1, Cha +2, Com +2.
Level limits: Cl 10, F 20, MU 20, P 20, R 20

Wood Elves: Str -1, Dex +2, Wis +1, Cha +1, Com +2
Level limits: Cl 8, F 15, MU 10, P 8, R 15

Half-Elves and Westerness Men: Dex +1, Con +1, Cha +1, Com +1. Half-Elves have no level limits, and may advance in any class. Use the standard Half-elf age categories.

Appropriate Classes : In Middle Earth most Elves would be Fighters, Rangers or Paladins. In a more standard Dungeons & Dragons milieu Elves will excel as Magic Users and Clerics, as well as the above classes. They may multiclass as Paladin/Magic User, Cleric/Magic User, Fighter/Cleric, Fighter/Magic User or Fighter/Cleric/Magic User.

Dark Elves: These elves have the abilities of all elves, but no ability score adjustments. They may be Fighters, Magic Users, Thieves or Illusionists, or they may multiclass as Fighter/Magic User*, Fighter/Thief or Fighter/Magic User*/Thief. They may advance to 9th level in any class except Thief, which is unlimited.
*or Illusionist

2013-12-07, 10:09 AM
You need some way to balance them, because as is, there's no mechanical reason to play any other race instead of elf. In 3.x, that would be a level adjustment, but in AD&D...

And what's "com"? I hope that's not "comeliness", because there's never been an attempt to introduce that as a D&D stat that wasn't an utter failure.