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Viscount Einstrauss
2007-01-15, 01:13 PM
I'm about to revamp my DM Avatar in the gestalt game I'm running to better accomodate both his backstory and the party when he aids them. As per the game rules, there's a free +3 LA which may be of anything in existence, and racial HD is outright removed. Despite this, only one benefit from any LA race may be taken at the start and per every level divisible by four. The character is a charismatic, talented, and extremely intelligent mercenary leader that shuns the use of magic (part of his backstory involves having once known a good deal of magic, but he gave it up for good once his teacher turned out to be using him). He avoids all forms of magic, period. No divine, arcane, nor natural. He's also as much of a skill monkey as he is a cunning combatant.

Thing is, he needs to be menacing enough to keep my ocassionally evil PC spellcaster from attempting to KILL this guy. So, I need him to be practically superhuman in his capacity to whoop this guy without the use of magic. The PC is a bard/sorcerer that relies heavily on blast spells, illusions and self-heals. He's also adept at utilizing social skills in his favor.

So, does anyone have some suggestions as to how to build a tenth level skill monkey/melee warrior using a free 3 LA that can avoid an untimely death at the hands of my most bloodthirsty PC?

EDIT- Almost forgot, the point buy is 40.