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Lord Sidereal
2007-01-15, 02:49 PM
Need help deciding on levels for these spells, inspired by the greatest villain of all time.

Dark Voice (V)
Target: Self
The hexblade's voice inspires fear in those who hears it for 1 minute/level, suffering -1 to will saves and a -1 to AC and attack rolls (morale "bonus")

Insidious Voice (V)
Target: Self
As dark voice, but -4 to will saves, AC and attack rolls

Crushing Grasp (S)
Target: One opponent
At a range of 30 feet, a character must make a will save each round or take 1d3 CON ability damage. This spell lasts as long as the hexbalde concentrates. The target takes a new will save each time.

Redav's Hand (S) (M)
Target: Self
Any non-magic projectile is blocked for 1 round/3 levels, so long as the caster has a free hand. Component: A small piece of black leather

We are blood (V)
Target: One opponent & any relatives within hearing range
The target(s) takes -10 to hit you until they succedd in causing you damage through weapons. They believe you are a relative of your choice.

The time has come (M) (V)
Target: One 100ft cube. Caster and designated opponent must be within the cube
The caster designates one opponent in the cube. The two are drawn together (i.e. neither can make a move that will increase the distance between them by more than 20ft voluntarily) and no other creatures within the area can attack either the caster or his target
Component: A glove or small flag

2007-01-15, 02:56 PM
And here I thought all hexblades played the tormented emo-anti-hero...:smallfrown:

:smallwink: just kidding (thats seriously how I've seen hexblades played), but those sound pretty good; morale rather than damage is the way to go, and it's good to see the hexblade get some USEFUL spells..

Lord Sidereal
2007-01-15, 02:58 PM
<b>and</b> you can now go "Thog, I am your father"