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2007-01-15, 09:02 PM
Well I was reading through everyone's post on 40K here earlier, so I just thought I'd make a dedicated thread to specific tactics for your own army. Mine's a little detailed, so bear with me and feel free to chime in with comments and suggestions.

I’m an Imperial Guard player with most of my games around 1500 points, sometimes a little over. I usually play with my Hadratus 9th, fluff being that they’re a forge world legion raised and inducted into the service of Inquisitor Toth (yes from DoW). The paint scheme is on the Cadian plastics with Codex Grey armor and Blood Red for the cloth with glossy black leather. I also got a really dark skin tone, in order to match Toth as soon as I get that model converted and painted. Plus there aren’t any black people in 40K, so I figured we had to balance that. Usually I’m playing against Space Marines and Chaos, and my choices mostly reflect that. I always play with doctrines, and they are usually as follows:

Chem-Inhalers: Best. Doctrine. Ever. Seriously, for only 1 more point per model, your squad never, repeat NEVER, takes any negative modifiers to leadership (although I’ve had it disputed over whether it has priority over Pariahs and such but such occurrences are rare). Combine this with a Heroic Senior Officer, a Standard Bearer and a Commissar, it has meant that in over a year of playing this army, I have seen infantry squads break only twice, both times in assault (once versus Space Wolves, once versus Necrons).

Carapace Armor: For 2 points per model it ups the armor save from 5+ to 4+. While this doesn’t seem like much, it is a must have against any army with AP 5, aka bolters, aka Space Marines. It makes things a lot more interesting when an opponent assumes you don’t get an armour save when in fact you do.

Restricted Troops - Rough Riders: I’ll get to them later.

Sharpshooters: Reroll any 1s to-hit. This is an essential for the Guard firebase, especially heavy weapons squads since their rolls count for more and more. Plus with my luck on dice it’s panned out pretty well.

Hardened Fighters: Add 1 to WS. I haven’t played as much with it, but it’s invaluable for Rough Rider squads as they only get one round with a strength/initiative/power weapon bonus and it has to be used to good effect.

My army, as I stated above, is usually 1500 points or more, but what I’ve listed below is my favored configuration.

HQ – Company Command Squad
Heroic Senior Officer w/ Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Refractor Field
Commissar w/ Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Refractor Field
Veteran w/ Shotgun
Veteran w/ Medi-kit and Shotgun
Veteran w/ Master-Vox, Laspistol and CCW
Standard Bearer w/ Company Standard (NOT Regimental) and Shotgun
Tactica: This is an assault squad, pure and simple. The power fist and Hardened Fighters pretty much makes this squad, and frag grenades are essential. However, they’re not especially fast moving so their best use is as counter-assault, leaping out of the firing line to take on whoever gets too close. If you have enough points, throwing them in a Chimera is always a plus, especially against Tau. Also, sometimes I’ll drop Sharpshooters in order to take a Priest with an Eviscerator and a Rosarius. I’m also considering buying an ogryn model to use as Nork Deddog, whose rules were recently published on the GW website. Yet one more close combat punch, and he’ll allow me to avoid spending a doctrine on the Priest.
Word to The Wise: NEVER forget the rerolls to morale from the standard or the free armor save from the medic. Write a reminder on your hand or something. I hate it when I forget and it could make a significant difference.

Support – Heavy Weapons Squad
6 Guardsmen with 3 Autocannons
Tactica: Imperial Guard are unique in their use of support squads. The company commander can take up to five squads. The options are mortars, heavy bolters, autocannons, lascannons, missile launchers, Sentinels or special weapons (which means spending a doctrine). Autocannons are my primary choice, especially when building up from a small-points army to a large one. At Strength 7 they can wound pretty much any basic model, though their AP of 4 isn’t as forgiving. Still, they are useful against heavy infantry and most importantly light vehicles. I once took down an entire dark eldar skimmer force (2 reavers and a ravager I believe) with only autocannons. Their target priority is transports, transports, transports, because odds are you want the models inside on foot as far away from you as possible and autocannons have the strength to do it.
Word to The Wise: Don’t focus your autocannons on targets that don’t matter. If you have heavy bolters, use them on the Space Marine squad and leave the higher strength Autocannons for models that matter like Carnifexes, Command Squads or TRANSPORTS. Also, NEVER get these guys in assault.

Support – Heavy Weapons Squad
6 Guardsmen with 3 Lascannons
Tactica: Unlike the autocannons, lascannons have more important things to shoot at. Specifically, heavy vehicles. Always aim for the assault types first, such as dreadnaughts, wraithlords or Land Raiders (because you know they have assault squads inside). However, the high strength of lascannons makes them a target, so make sure they’re in someplace with a cover save or behind an expendable squad.[/i]
Word to The Wise: You have only one shot per lascannon per round. Make them count.

Support – Heavy Weapons Squad
6 Guardsmen with 3 Mortars
[I]Tactica: I have yet to see another IG player using mortars, although why is beyond me. With a good, long range and most importantly the indirect fire capability, mortars can threaten almost anything on the board. At strength 4 they won’t be killing much, so they must be used wisely. Against shooty armies, target the heavy weapon squads. Against assault armies, target the center of their assault mob. Why, you ask? Two reasons. First, scattering. True to the Imperial Guard, mortars almost never land on target. So make sure that when you place your target that should the templates scatter (and they will) they will still hit something. Secondly, pinning. Very few weapons cause pinning, but against an assault army, losing even one turn of movement can be devastating. Orks are especially vulnerable with their large squad sizes and low leadership.
Word to The Wise: Be careful of scattering and how close it gets to your troops. While pinning down the leading edge of an assault can work very well, it will look extremely bad if the wind blows the shots back onto your own front line.

Support – Sentinels
2 Sentinels with Autocannons
1 Sentinel with Lascannon
Tactica: Two words: Mobile cover. Contrary to what’s been said, open topped walkers are still walkers and still block Line of Sight. With a front armor of 10 these guys will fall over in a stiff breeze, so your best bet is take make them fall where you want them to. There’s a couple of ways to take advantage of this:
1. Place an assault squad or chimera behind them, something you don’t want shot. Then march march march your way up the field.
2. Fall over right! Even though sentinels use a large base, when they are destroyed they remain on the field as destroyed vehicle terrain. While this doesn’t change anything for tanks, it nearly DOUBLES the size of cover the sentinel originally gave. Once, in a three way battle, I had a number of Space Mariens set up unfavorably on my right flank. So what did I do? I placed my three sentinels and a chimera in a row and disembarked the command squad from the chimera. Next turn, my opponent shot all four vehicles to oblivion, but in his haste created an impenetrable wall protecting my heavy weapons squad. The command squad then handled anyone who decided to come around the wall.
Word to The Wise: In the reverse of above, in situations with dense terrain, don’t let these guys clog up the battlefield. Once, in a cityfight, I had two sentinels destroyed and even though they fell forward, they still prevented my heavy weapons squads from shooting at the opposing Basilisk artillery. I lost in short order. And never underestimate a sentinel in assault.
Word to The Witty: “I charge your Scouts with my Sentinel” “WHAT?”

Elite – Hardened Veterans
1 Veteran Sergeant with Storm Bolter
3 Veterans with Plasma Guns
2 Veterans with Lasguns
Tactica: These fellows are quite good, but points restrict how large I keep the squad. With Infiltrate and a higher ballistic skill than average guardsmen, their most important task is to kill heavy infantry. Nobz, terminators and assault squads should all be eating firey death by turn 2. Of note, I’ll take these gents over storm troopers any day, simply because they have pretty much every advantage with my doctrine choices at the same point cost and without spending a doctrine to get them. Ballistic skill is already there, WS is useless, carapace armor and chem.-inhalers solve armour saves and leadership.
Word to The Wise: Don’t leave these guys without support. On their own they’ll be slaughtered, especially by horde armies like tyranids. Move up the sentinels firstly and follow them with fast armor like chimeras or hellhounds. Ideally, these chaps shouldn’t move until turn 5 or 6 as the firing line moves up around them.

HQ – Platoon Command Squad
1 Junior Officer with Storm Bolter
1 Commissar with Storm Bolter
3 Guardsmen with Plasma Guns
1 Veteran with Medi-kit and Storm Bolter
Tactica: These chaps are the anchor upon which your firing line is built. The most important facts to remember are that they all fire the same range as guardsmen, though it takes the plasma guns a turn because they’re rapid fire. Still, they’re great to hold the line with firey death at their fingertips, and the medic can remedy any self-inflicted wounds from overheating.
Word to The Wise: Place these guys smack in the middle of whatever guardsmen you have in order to take advantage of the officer’s leadship aura.

Troop – Infantry Squads
1 Sergeant with Laspistol and CCW
1 Guardsman with Lasgun and Vox-Caster
1 Guardsman with Special Weapon (usually grenade launcher)
7 Guardsmen with Lasguns
Tactica: These are your footsloggers, the bread-and-butter of the Imperial Guard. I don’t know if any of have played the Winter Assault expansion to Dawn of War, but if you play the Guard campaign through to the end, the General makes a speech about dying for the Emperor. Yeah, that’s what these guys do. I usually end up with around 3 of these in my army. The Vox-Caster is a must when combined with the Master-Vox of the command squad and chem.-inhalers. It means that you’ll take every test at Leadership 10 with no negative modifiers ever. Special weapons are a tough choice. Here’s my rankings:
1. Grenade Launchers: They’re cheap, versatile and come on the plastic sprue! Changing grenade types can be useful, especially frags against hordes. They also have a 12” range advantage over their fellows. Plus they’re assault weapons.
2. Plasma Guns: As you can tell from my command squad and veterans, I love plasma. Nothing smells better than terminators cooking in their own shell. But they’re a little expensive for basic infantry squads, both in points and cash.
3. Melta Guns: Usually they’re far too short of range to make a difference, but Strength 9 is always welcome. Plus they don’t blow up. But again, with most tactics range is an issue.
4. Flamethrowers: By the time the enemy is close enough that the flamethrower is in range, it’s too late. Wayyyyy too late.
And I never, ever put heavy weapons in my guardsmen squads. They have mobility issues enough, and oftentimes the heavies are hindered by the squad moving up to catch a table quarter. Better to let them stay in their place and have a shooting opportunity every turn.
Word to The Wise: Strength in numbers. Don’t let these guys get spread out because the lasguns (read: flashlights) can’t be depended on.

Troop – Armored Fist Squad
1 chimera with turret multilaser, hull heavy flamer, extra armor and track guards
1 Sergeant with Laspistol and CCW
1 Guardsman with Lasgun and Vox-Caster
1 Guardsman with Meltagun
7 Guardsmen with Lasguns
Tactica: Everything I said about the normal squads applies here except for a few key things. First, since they have a transport, these chaps can get in range fast enough to make a meltagun very practical, especially if can maneuver to shoot at some side armors. With the additional fire of the chimera, they can hold their own on a flank, making for a good forward guard against fast attack units like assault marines or gaunts.
Word to The Wise: Don’t forget that your chaps can use the lasguns on the back of the chimera. They’re modeled on so you can even see them. Also, your meltagunner can pop out of the top hatch to fry some unfortunate tank without the entire squad having to disembark and reembark.

Fast Attack – Rough Riders
1 RR Sergeant with Power Sword and Bolt Pistol
2 RR with Meltaguns
RR with hunting lances and laspistols (number varies depending on points)
Tactica: Ah the poor, maligned Rough Riders. Without any models currently on the shelves, I am the only Guard player I’ve seen with these squads. I converted mine out of Empire Knights from Fantasy and spare Guard bits. With Fleet of Foot they’re faster than most Guard units (except armor) and play a key roll. My favorite use for them is against my friend’s Space Marines. He tends to spearhead his charge with a Land Raider flanked by Rhinos. Once the transport is close enough, I move in with my rough riders, forgoing shooting to Fleet of Foot instead then charge. I equip the riders with meltabombs, which (in my experience) are decently reliable against a land raider. This is the tricky part. Using my rough riders, I cover every access hatch (front and two sides) and then blow the sucker. Under 4th edition rules, if all access points for the vehicle are blocked by enemy models (easy enough to do with cavalry bases), then the squad inside cannot escape the conflagration and is automatically killed. Not only is the Land Raider gone, but so is a whole squad of troublesome terminators and my riders are in a position to melta the face off those rhinos next turn.
Word to The Wise: They’re still toughness 3 and don’t you forget it.
Word to The Witty: In the grim darkness of the far future, there are cowboys.

Heavy Support – Leman Russ Battle Tank
1 Leman Russ with Lascannon and heavy bolter sponsons
Tactica: I’ve heard many people acclaim the Leman Russ for a number of reasons, but so far it hasn’t done so well. Most of the time in larger games it is so much target practice. But in smaller point outings, it can kick butt. In most cases I don’t even move the thing, just letting it battle-cannon everything in sight and move up in support of the infantry if it has to.
Word to The Wise: NEVER let them see your back armor.

My next installment will be general tactics and the "versus" series to talk about Guard against specific opponents.

2007-01-15, 10:19 PM
You've got some pretty good advice here, but I must admit, all those doctrines are really going to add up! I normally only go with close order drill and drop troops since they're free.

Other advice: Consider mounting up a heavy weapon on your armored fist squad, for use out of the top hatch. Nothing is better than watching your opponent's face when their Hammerhead or Predator eats lascannon from your humble little Chimera. Also, the Chimera has two fire points, so you can fire both your special and heavy weapon if you so desire.

About the veterans, here's some math: For sixteen points less, you could get a ten man storm trooper squad who are identical, save frag and krak grenades, hellguns, targeters, lack of chem-inhalers and one less plasma gun. And you can take grenadiers instead of storm troopers as restricted troops, freeing up an elite slot.

2007-01-16, 12:09 AM
What, exactly, is the difference between a hellgun or hellpistol, and a lasgun/laspistol? They mention them in the Witchhunter's Codex as being required equipment for Veteran Guardsmen retinue members, but never explain the difference other than a stat line in the back.

2007-01-16, 01:27 AM
Ah, the plasma gun...dreaded foe of the Necrontyr...I don't want to talk about how many Destroyers I've lost to that damnable assault weapon... :smalleek:
I'll bear all that in mind next time I face the Guard.

2007-01-16, 11:40 AM
What, exactly, is the difference between a hellgun or hellpistol, and a lasgun/laspistol? They mention them in the Witchhunter's Codex as being required equipment for Veteran Guardsmen retinue members, but never explain the difference other than a stat line in the back.

Fluff wise or stats wise? Stats wise the difference is an AP of 5 rather than - .

Fluff wise a Hellgun is a weapon with vastly improved killing power. They are powered off a heavy back pack(Thats what storm troopers wear), so they automatically recharge, and can be fired for extended periods. A hellpistol is a smaller version, generally without a powerpack.

2007-01-16, 06:25 PM
I agree, it's solid, but as mentioned earlier, the point cost starts to add up. Also, do you have to represent the carapace armor on the model? Because all those kasrkin models must be expensive, if so. Of course, with as many meltaguns and weapons platforms as you use, the armor is a small price point-wise to defend the rather expensive troops.

You neatly avoided the pitrap of putting differen't guns in the same squad, giving each squad a specific purpose, that's important. But a more mobile enemy, tau or eldar, will dance circles around the squads they don't want to encounter with certain units (for instance, you're never going to catch a devilfish or a falcon with your meltagun squad.)

Also it looks as if a lot of massed multi-las or autocannons would do away with your army pretty quick, but thats standard for guard. You mention yourself that the tactics depend on the enemy, and your list is very solid all-around, substituting a lot of anti-tank power for the guard's natural tendency toward massive amounts of light weapons, but I feel like it would perform poorly against any army that swung strongly either way, be it toward tanks or massed infantry.

Obviously a lot comes down to the general.

Troop – Armored Fist Squad: You have no idea how much I love to induct these guys, holy crap. Espaically because you don't have to have an IG platoon per armored fist squad when inducting. When GW removed the meatsheilding rule it fell on these guys to become cheap armor for my Grey Knights.

2007-01-16, 08:27 PM
The codex doesn't say anything specific to carapace armor about WYSIWYG. Especially with his army, where there are no models without it, there is no basis for comparison. If he had conscripts, then you could make a case for it.

2007-01-16, 08:35 PM
Ah, guard. I'll add some tactics of my own here: as the guard's armour save sucks, I find it useful to pick Chameleoline and stick to cover (1+ cover save in fortified buildings and bunkers! Unless you can't have 1+ saves, I can never remember... but you get 2+ saves in twice as many things if you've got chameleoline than if you didn't), and going with that paradigm I also pick Light Infantry so I can into and out of cover faster. (The extra d6 goes a long way to getting out when the going gets hot). For fluff reasons for my army, I also take Special Weapons Squads (I find them handy, too... especially loaded with sniper rifles), Grenadiers (storm troopers are ALLWAYS handy to ahve, especially as a troop choice), and Ogryn Squads to add some much-needed assualt power to an IG army, despite the expense.

2007-01-16, 09:30 PM
On Hellguns: Ahh ok. I was wondering what the deal was. I suppose I can just model it to look like a slightly beefier laspistol. I was just a tad concerned since I had no idea what to make the damn thing look like on the model, and nothing in the codex even described it.

I sort of wish GW would make an online reference of pictures of all the weapons so we knew what they wanted from us conversion and modeling wise. Especially for those old models with funky looking weapons/armor.

2007-01-16, 10:52 PM
The codex doesn't say anything specific to carapace armor about WYSIWYG. Especially with his army, where there are no models without it, there is no basis for comparison. If he had conscripts, then you could make a case for it.

Yeah, with both carapace armor and chem inhalers I make a fluff explanation. Since these guys are supposed to be Inquisitorial (and are, in the high points ranges), it's always fun to explain it as "Grey Knight magic" to which my opponent usually asks "How is it grey knight magic?" and I am forced to respond "Because their armor's grey. Duhhhh." But seriously, I just say they have special reinforced flak jackets due to Inquisitorial connections and the Inquisition provides pre-battle incense and whatnot.

2007-01-16, 10:58 PM
You neatly avoided the pitrap of putting differen't guns in the same squad, giving each squad a specific purpose, that's important. But a more mobile enemy, tau or eldar, will dance circles around the squads they don't want to encounter with certain units (for instance, you're never going to catch a devilfish or a falcon with your meltagun squad.).......I feel like it would perform poorly against any army that swung strongly either way, be it toward tanks or massed infantry.

So far terrain has mostly been my saving grace. Against tau, if the terrain is heavy enough, infiltrated plasma veterans can do some good, but counter-infiltrated kroot make problems. The hardest part about tanks is how I play the heavy weapons. Normally I try to entrench them in one spot for the entire game, but sometimes you really do need to get side armor. However, I haven't found Eldar particularly challenging, either dark or craftworld. Thanks to skimming even immobilizing does the job right, and the truly effective eldar guns vs guard (read: Dire Avengers) have such a short range any squad is usually decimated by the time they get there. The Prism Cannon can be trouble though, as can Dark Eldar HQ squads if they get too close.

2007-01-16, 11:00 PM
[quote=Selrahc;1839740]Fluff wise or stats wise? Stats wise the difference is an AP of 5 rather than - .[quote]

Hellguns are, in my opinion, one of the biggest waste of points there are. They are only useful against tyranids and orks, but you don't even have extra shots or assault classification to show for it.

2007-01-17, 12:12 AM
Meh, they are just required kit for veteran guardsmen in Inquisitor retinues. Well, that or a shotgun or other things that I don't really want to have to make/convert on to the figure. So long as it isn't terribly funky looking I figure I can go with the pistol looking thing he has now.

2007-01-17, 07:52 AM
Doctrines may make a characterful regiment, but don't rely on them, mainly due to cost's, carapace may sound good but putting it on 3 squads = enough to have another one.

2007-01-17, 11:20 AM
I usually go with Grenadiers & Carapace armor as I usually run mostly mounted.

Carapace armor for the HQ and a Chimera, 3 Grenadier squads in Chimerae, a Standard Platoon HQ in Chimera, 2 Footslogger IG squads, 2 LR, 1 Earthshaker or LR Demolisher. Or I just go with an Armored Company

HQ LR Exterminator
Elite Tank Ace in Vanquisher Tank Hunter
3 Troop LR
FA Salamander scout
HVy Earth Shaker and LR Demolisher
HQ Inqistor w Troop IQ stormtroopers
Elite 2 Armored Fist

2007-01-17, 03:10 PM
I don't use Carapace armour, mainly because it doesn't fit my fluff (and I'd rather have an infantry-heavy Guard army than Space Marines in disguise). In any case, I wouldn't want to have to come up with something contrived for why my Carapace armour looks like Flak armour (or buy Kasrkin/Vostroyans/Stormtroopers, which would be too expensive).

Apart from that, there are some nice combos (at least in my head, it might not work in practice) I can think of. For example, Xeno-hunters ('nids), Sanctioned Psykers, and a Chimera (through Mechanised, or Armoured Fist squad, or Inquisitorial connections or something). Psyker drives up to a monstrous creature (like a Carnifex), and hits it easily (thanks to Favoured Enemy) with a force weapon, hopefully one-shotting it. He won't last long afterwards, but that's one less Carnifex to deal with... It works even better with a Hive Tyrant, since that could cripple the synapse for a significant portion of the army, but the Tyrant would likely have Tyrant Guard protecting it. Any reason why that won't work?

2007-01-17, 05:06 PM
Chief reason, it would require rolling a six to wound. Something you can't rely on for more than a fluke.

2007-01-17, 05:14 PM
Chief reason, it would require rolling a six to wound. Something you can't rely on for more than a fluke.

I knew there'd be a major reason why it wouldn't work...

2007-01-18, 06:40 PM
I'd rather give the psyker the honorifica imperialis so he gets five force weapon attacks on the charge.

2007-01-19, 01:49 PM
^ I forgot that bit. How does he get five though? Heroic Senior Officer has 3 base, +1 for charging... unless he had two force weapons somehow.

2007-01-19, 07:10 PM
His pistol gives him another, and yes, having a force weapon makes ALL of your attacks force weapon attacks. Power weapons and everything else is like this as well, with lightning claws being the exception. (one vs. a pair)

2007-01-19, 07:28 PM
except force weapons are 2 handed weapons, so the laspistol isn't factored into the attacks.

2007-01-19, 10:27 PM
Keep in mind using a force weapon is a psychic ability and you can only use 1 psychic ability per turn, meaning the last 4 are all power weapon attacks. Not that you intend to run into a squad with multiple multi-wound characters in it.

2007-01-23, 12:25 PM
Psyker drives up to a monstrous creature (like a Carnifex), and hits it easily (thanks to Favoured Enemy) with a force weapon, hopefully one-shotting it. ... Any reason why that won't work?

You can't insta-kill any Nid units that are within synapse range.

2007-01-23, 12:30 PM
Yep, Then the Psyker gets its hiney handed back to it the next turn.

2007-01-23, 01:04 PM
Ah, curses. Just when I thought I could deal with the problem of difficult rolls to wound with piles of attacks, the other annoying flaw comes up.

No reason it wouldn't work on non-Tyranid monstrous creatures like Carnifexes, though?

2007-01-23, 01:29 PM
Any Nids in synapse range are immune to instant kills.

2007-01-23, 02:34 PM
Check what the rules says, because immune to instant death from double strength weaponry is a different thing to immunity to instant death from force weapons.

2007-01-23, 02:37 PM

Didnt read it thoroughly enough.

2007-01-23, 03:20 PM
No... It may actually be correct. It was a question, not a statement. Did you check?

I know I personally made the mistake with a Daemonic Rune. My Daemon Prince was instantly killed.(In fact the only reason I bought the Rune for that battle was to defeat the force blade)

2007-01-24, 12:17 PM
It said it only saved from double strenght attacks.

2007-01-24, 12:23 PM
Actually, I don't know why I didn't think of that.

Perhaps I should do bets or something... how many Carnifexes will the Psyker kill before he gets killed himself? This is a psyker with the Honorifica Imperialis, a Force Weapon, and the Xenos-Hunters doctrine for 'nids...

2007-01-24, 09:16 PM
Xenos-hunter doesn't work against monstrous creatures. And one, if that, to your question. On a very slightly related note, I just started recruiting for a 40k PbP game. Shameless (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=32722). I'm terrible, aren't I?

2007-01-25, 01:07 PM
These problems are like whack-a-mole... solve one and another turns up. Hmm... IIRC, the WS of a Carnifex was pretty low... so perhaps that psyker might have a decent chance of hitting anyway? Especially with the extra attacks granted by the Honorifica Imperialis?

2007-01-25, 01:09 PM
Your hit chance will be 4+. 3+ with Hardened veterans.
Although remember, you have 5 attacks on the charge. You need to be hitting with a rather large ammount in order to be on average getting a wound.

Its always going to be 4+ against the Hive Tyrant though.

2007-01-25, 04:07 PM
Ah well, looks like that Psyker won't have a chance after all. I'll just have to fall back on good old Massed Lascannons to deal with carnifexes then.

It didn't really make much fluff-sense to include a psyker anyway.

2007-01-26, 08:31 AM
It is a 50% chance of working....

Its just whether or not you want to spend the points ona psykler who'll only work 50% of the time.

Although.... Against most characters he'll be wounding on 5's not 6's. And so would be worth the investment.

However you spin it though, hes fairly expensive, and fairly unreliable.