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2013-12-10, 09:33 PM
So i've always loved American history and I especially loved the 1920's-60's. So I decided to try my hand at making an RPG based around that. the 20's to be precise. I have a few things ironed out but I stumble here and there on specifics. I don't want this to be too complex that it scares away new players that I hope to introduce. so far I have basic character traits, feats, fighting styles, a few greater feats (that stack with regular ones) and some Flaws. i'm looking for mostly feedback and suggestions. ill post more as I create more content for this Homebrew. one thing I did stray away from is specific classes, so players can customize their characters more

BUT FIRST! the setting.
1924 during the roaring 20's but with greater scientific achievements in health science and robotics. People can have robotic limbs and there are two distinct types of robots that are considered different races concerning character creation. they are not steam powered and this is not a steampunk setting. everything advanced runs on mysterious power sources who's secrets are closely guarded by the corporations that invented them. they are considered far to advanced for the layman to be able to deduce their true purpose.

One of the most important aspects of character creation:Attributes
attributes are as follows. Brawn, Dexterity, Brains, Moxie, Brains, Sense, and Charm.
to choose your attributes you will have 20 points to allocate amongst them. this allows room for a incredibly balanced character, or so I think. as 3 is around the average joe. for example in the strength attribute:
0=wet blanket
3=average joe
4=above average joe
6= kinda buff
7= pretty buff
8= strongman
9=strongest man
10= your superman. (golden age)

The game will use mostly d6's and d10's.
Character creation rules:
First a player Chooses his/her race each race has its own positive and negative aspects. these effect attributes and skills (also bear in mind this is based in the 20's so I kept in mind certain common held belief, nothing really racist I don't think, but how certain races will be effected socially above everything.)

Receive+2 to all survival and thieving tests.
Hai, prinde-mă dacă poți.

R+ 2 to all smooth talking tests and convincing tests
Lookit this wise guy!

Receive +2 to Take-a-Hit and Brawling.
ba mhaith leat mé a Gortaítear tú?

Receive +2 to any to skills chosen. These cannot be changed. In addition Receive +1 to any attribute. Also, receive – 2 to all convincing and smooth-talking tests.
And what are you supposed to be?

Receive +1 to any two skills chosen. These cannot be changed.
She was an average looking sort.

Receive +2 to survival and first aid. In addition receive +2 to any attribute. This can be divided between two. Also, receive an -2 to any Smooth-talk/convincing tests.
Man's heart away from nature becomes hard.—Luther Standing Bear
Receive +2 to sciencing and Convincing.
Receive+1 to Focus and Motive.

African American
Receive +2 to smooth-talking and motive. In addition receive +1 to one attributes.
Also, receive -2 when interacting with anyone of the “white” ethnicity.

Receive +2 to Take-A-Hit and Focus.

TinMan: Handyman
Receive +2 to all repair and Take-A-Hit tests. +1 to moxie and brawn and -1 to brains and sense.
Everyone needs an HandyMan™ around the house!
TinMan: EveryMan
Receive +2 to all research and knowledge tests. +2 to brains and brawn -2 to sense.
Every man needs an EveryMan™!


A player chooses his/her qualities. there are 4 categories. Social (charm), Physical(dex,mox,bwn), Mental (bns,sns) and last are Wildcard qualities which are to come later

I have edited some of this noticing that some of it could be taken offensively which is not my intent. I have removed most attribute modifiers except for those of african american and native race. This is because they out of all others suffer the most in the societal aspects of the game and to help balance that out.

2013-12-11, 09:46 AM
You're treading on mighty dangerous ground, giving humans different racial modifiers from each other.