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2007-01-15, 11:31 PM
Hey, in a campaign I'm doing, I'm having some NPC's of a military group called the bullet witches featured occasionally. Most of them will probably die due to the situations that they're in, but a few will survive. In case my PC's run into them in a fight or want to make one if their PC dies, tell me what you think of this prestige class. (guns are a exotic weapon).

Bullet witch

Pre: Precise shot, weapons prof: guns, able to cast arcane spells of 3rd level.

HD: 1d6
skills: 2/level. Bluff, diplomacy, tumble, jump, knowlege (arcana), spellcraft, use magic device.

BAB: as a rogue
Saves: Good reflex, will, bad fortitude

1. Magic bullet +1, witches dance.
2. +1 level spells.
3. +2 bullet. Arcane burst
4. +1 level spells. pierce magical defenses (1).
5. +3 bullet.
6. +1 level spells. pierce magical defenses (2)
7. +4 bullet.
8. +1 level spells. pierce magic defenses (3)
9. +5 bullet. Improved arcane burst.
10. +1 level spells. dispelling shot. pierce magic defenses (4)

Note: The bullet witch's levels in bullet witch and her arcane caster class stack for determining caster level.

Magic bullet: any bullet fired from a bullet witches gun is magical; the enhancement begins at +1 and increases every odd level.

Witches dance: When unarmored, a bullet witch may add her class level to her AC as a dodge bonus; the bullet witch cannot add more than her charisma modifier.

+1 spell level: every even level, the bullet witch gains a level of spells in her spell casting class; if she has more than one spellcasting class, she must pick which one to use.

Arcane burst: The bullet witch may sacrifice an arcane spell as a free action; all bullet attacks fired that round explode in a magical burst, dealing 1 more damage dice per spell level (1d8 increases to 2d8 if a level 1 spell is sacrificed, 3d8 if it is a 2nd level spell). However, these attacks all take a -4 to hit.

Pierce magical defenses: Any bullet fired from a bullet witch partially pierces magical defenses, ignoring part of the AC granted from such spells as mage armor; it starts at -1 and increases every other level.

Improved Arcane burst: The bullet witch no longer takes the -4 to hit when using arcane burst.

dispelling shot: As a full-round action, the bullet witch may attempt to dispell any magical effect with a shot from her gun. Her caster level for this is equal to her bullet witch level+ her other arcane caster levels. this is usable a number of times per day equal to her charisma modifier.
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