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2013-12-12, 07:15 AM
Hello playgrounders.
While describing Sharn to one of my players, they said it made them think of the ME's Citadel.
Today, while thinking about campaign ideas, I stumbled upon a thought for an Easter Egg character in my campaign - Jeff Moreau d'Lyrandar, a crippled artificer/Windwright Captain who's got a close bond with his ship's Air Elemental...

And then I had an epiphany.

Mass Effect's plot/setup fits Eberron setting almost perfectly.
So basically now I want to make this "setting inside a setting" work and go through the ME's plot with my players - hilarious setup, but played straight.

So far I have:

SPECTREs - Dark Lanterns
Citadel - Sharn
Reapers - Daelkyr
Quarians - House Cannith |
Rannoch - Cyre | More or less
Geth - Warforged |
Sovereign - Daelkyr-controlled Lord of Blades

I'll set the basics of the plot around the fact that Lord of Blades laid his hands on some Cannith labs and got himself fully operational creation forges. He does not know he's controlled by a Daelkyr hidden deep beneath his base of operations.

[The origin of Mournlands here might be that some of House Cannith were corrupted by the Daelkyr as well - they wanted more efficiency from the Forges by tapping into the power of the land itself (The details will change :D).]

Now LoB gathers his army to march on Sharn - to activate a hidden Eldtritch Machine that has been built unknowingly by Baron Merrix d'Cannith, corrupted by the Daelkyr's influence while back in Cyre. The machine operates on the premise that the planar affinity (wobbly logic here) of the Sharn's manifestation zone can be changed to manifest Xoriat by sacrificing the living souls that inhabit the city, enabling a second Daelkyr invasion on a large scale.

I know it doesn't make sense in some places. In my defense - sometimes neither did ME's plot. :smallwink:

Alternatively it's probably possible to set the Quori as the Reapers, Inspired as Geth and do some paintjob here and there, basing on the same premise.

Thoughts? Ideas? Someone tried something similar? :smallbiggrin:

2013-12-12, 10:13 AM
Lord of Blades isn't as awe-inspiring as the Sovereign. But he will work rather well as Saren.

2013-12-12, 10:19 AM
Yeah... Sovereign would be more like the big Mechanical God Thing that the LoBster is building in the Mournland.