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2007-01-16, 03:51 PM
This is an attempt to make a Dragon class. Not Dragonkin, not Dragonblooded -- an actual class that emulates the attributes of a Dragon.

Dragons under L 4 are "Runts" or "Early hatchers".

This is only loosely based on the d20 SRD Dragon progression. These Dragons can grow much faster if they go adventuring. "Real" dragons tend to avoid adventuring (after all, they have eternity to gain XP), hence their slower leveling...

d8 HD, good save progression in all sides, 3/4 melee progression.

Use SRD damage charts for melee damage based off Dragon size:

Stat bonuses are non-magical Enhancement bonus's to stats -- ie, they don't stack with spells or items.

Special: Dragons have to consume treasure to gain size categories.
L 5: 10,000 gp
L 10: 50,000 gp
L 15: 150,000 gp
L 20: 400,000 gp
Treasure, in this case, consists of gems, precious metals, or magical items. Artwork just won't do (value is subjective).

(Note this means a Dragon needs pretty much every penny of WBL to pass the above size category markers. In a more wealthy campaign, simply scale the above numbers.)

It is intended that Dragons don't find many items useful.

Skill points: 4+int modifier.
Listen, Search, Spot, Concentration, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Knowldege(any), Sense Motive, Use Magic Device.

L 1: Tiny, -2 to all stats. flight for Con bonus rounds/day @ (3+dex bonus)' per round.
L 2: Tiny, physical stat penalties go away. Cha bonus uses of breath weapon (1d6 damage) per day, 1d8 rounds between uses.
L 3: Tiny, mental stat penalties go away. +2 more uses of Flight and Breath weapon.
L 4: Tiny. +2 con. Breath weapon damage becomes 2d6+cha bonus. 120' darkvision. Claws are MAGIC.
L 5: Small. +2 cha. Cast spells as a L 1 sorcerer. 1d4 rounds between breath weapon uses.
L 6: Small. +2 str. +2 more uses of Flight and Breath Weapon per day.
L 7: Small. +2 int. Cast spells as a L 2 sorcerer. Bite is MAGIC.
L 8: Small. Flight 30' at will, Flight (6+dex)*10' now limited by uses/day, +2 con.
L 9: Small. Breath weapon damage becomes 3d6+cha bonus. Cast spells as L 3 sorcerer.
L 10: Medium. Breath weapon unlimited uses. Double-damage breath weapon limited uses/day.
L 11: Medium. Cast spells as L 4 sorcerer. SR equal to Dragon level.
L 12: Medium. +2 str. Breath weapon 4d6+cha.
L 13: Medium. L 5 sorc. Flight (6+dex)*10' per day, unlimited.
L 14: Medium. L 6 sorc. +2 str. Blindsense.
L 15: Large. L 7 sorc. SR equal to Dragon Level+5. +2 con
L 16: Large. L 8 sorc. DR 5/magic, Breath weapon 6d6+cha.
L 17: Large. L 9 sorc. +2 str, (6+dexbonus)*20' Flight
L 18: Large. L 10 sorc. +2 cha
L 19: Large. L 11 sorc. DR 10/magic, Breath weapon 10d6+cha.
L 20: Huge. L 12 sorc. SR equal to Dragon Level+10. +2 str, +2 con, +2 cha, +2 wis.

Natural AC: Equal to Dragon's level. Does not stack with any magical bonus's to AC.

Saves: 1/2 of a Dragons natural saves do not stack with magical or extraordinary enhancements to saves.

So, a L 20 dragon would have:
10d6+cha breath. 1d4 rounds between uses.
ConBonus+4 double-damage breath weapon/day

(6+dex)*20' Flight.

+10 str, +6 cha, +2 int, +2 wis, +8 con
SR of 30
Cast spells as a L 12 sorc.
15' in size.

2d8 +str byte (reach 15') (primary)
2d6 +.5 str x2 claw (reach 10') (secondary)
1d8 +.5 str x2 wing (reach 10') (secondary)
2d8 +1.5 str tail slap (reach 10') (secondary)

Crush attack (small critters only) 2d8+1.5 str


I have absolutely no idea if this is balanced against a L 20 character. I hope it is, but it is honestly way to wierd to tell at a glance.

Lord Iames Osari
2007-01-16, 03:59 PM
They did something like this in an issue of Dragon a while back... I think it was #320 or something.

Edit: Yup, #320.