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2007-01-17, 03:06 AM
(Warning) Long post

Nation Of Shaulynar.

High Magic, High Fantasy

Ruled by a benevolent necromantic sorcerer king. A magocracy in the form of a "Republic" with a strange sort of parliament. The races are currently human, janni, drow, dwarf, elven, orcs, and lizard man. Elves, janni, and humans rule as the politicians, merchants, and educated class, while drow, dwarf, lizardmen, and orcs take care of the military. Sometimes the government may be sort of quasi Eutopia, purely a wonderful, nearly perfect government, while other times it is a purely barbaric regime which oppresses the masses. What makes it such a dualistic society is that the government is unchanging. It is a racist society that is different than most racist societies in that while it is responsible in holding back an intelligent species through a rigid caste system, it is extremely difficult to repeal laws that protect any person from unnecessary harm. Amon, the current Immortal Vampire king of Shaulynar, has allowed private property more than 300 feet, funded the arts and encouraged free enterprise, made the rigid caste system more flexible, and passed laws prohibiting persecution of arcane magic users. In addition, he has funded organizations for an orphanage system, and turned the once Dark Ages society of Shaulynar into a beacon of Education.

Now for the downside. Shaulynar, as mentioned is extremely traditionalist. This is shown even in chaotic and neutral types. Homosexuals are severely hated, sometimes even gang raped as punishment for trying to claim that homosexuality is o.k by court order. Woman are executed for gossip, and protests are limited to what ancient Law allows protests for. Thus, protests may be done in matters of Economics, Religion, and Politics. Protests may not be done in matter of Law. Because of this, Politicians routinely frame opponents and large groups of common man for crimes not committed and get rid of them. Breaking with the racial caste system entails various levels of punishment depending on how much of a jump one has done. Routine steps up by a single level, say, being born a human and then becoming a foot soldier, may require being not allowed to eat anything but bread and water for a few days, or being fined, or paying a special tax, while jumping from being a dwarven foot soldier to becoming a highly payed doctor may incur the death penalty. The benevolent Emperor Amon, is too busy trying to make sure that the diabolic and demonic cults, and mad gods do not over run the Empire, to keep corrupt politicians in check.

Prisons of Shaulynar are extremely crowded, and Shaulynar lawyers are the best in all the known Planes. Shaulynar is an odd mixture of a benevolent government and a true Dystopia. One of another race can, despite the rigid laws, become extremely well off in Shaulynar. In fact, lowest wage in Shaulynar for those doing something even as simple as buttlering is as highly payed as important nobles of other nations.

Another downside to being a citizen of Shaulynar are the many enemies of the state. Shaulynar is in constant threat of terrorism and occasionally even civil war. Emperor Amon, except in the period known as the Pitch Black Age, A millenia of division in the Shaulynar Empire, has always crushed all opposition with frightening ease, but many times many thousands of innocent people are falsely accused of treason in the process. Amon has recently dueled Shaftar, the Spider God into ordering his priests to relax restrictions on the drow and vampires, garnering much needed support for Amon, while attracting the attention of the entire Plane of Mechanus.

Perhaps the darkest aspect of Shaulynar is its infestation of evil cults. Shaulynar is one day predicted to be a battle ground between different Evil Gods, as well as being flooded by recruiters for the Blood War.

Shaulynar's hybrid Monarchy/Republic form of Government, coupled with its religious tolerance, and very advanced economic system, combined with its magi-technological advancements, allow for a huge population of hundreds of millions of people. It currently has taken over an entire planet, and thus the Globe of Zorryn is in the clutches of Judicial/Political Tyranny.

There is a belief in a dogma called The Rite of Kesh. Its a cultural phenomenon which means "The King means This". It allows dissenters of the government to rally their own troops and defy the Emperor. It developed from the clergy trying to protect civilizations from Dictatorships.

Its meant as an ironic sort of legal rebellion endorsed by priests. Technically, it could allow enemies of the king to say that by fighting him they are obeying him. Meant as a purely cultural phenomenon.

In a Nutshell:

Vast disparity between the Capital and the rest of Shaulynar. Loosely cohesive national fighting force. United culture, religion, and aesthetics. Lawful Evil to the core on the frontiers and outer edges of the Empire. Old hierarchal nobility based customs, with theocratic over tones. Fighting priest caste(abandonable)Insanely unreasonable judicial system, Imperial system similar to the end of the Han Dynasty, magi-techno industrial capacity, vast material wealth, quickly loosing racist overtones(which remain for the moment.)Misogynist, (and Mysandrist based on which noble rules which house)system based on Great Houses, Theocratic support and sometimes even democratic elections. Near Exalted Emperor,(will be Exalted soon), much potential for moral growth, population explosion, welfare, education widely available, literacy, philosophical thought encouraged despite heavy restrictions against judicial progression. Near perfect Intelligence Services. (Vampires/Drow)Extreme political corruption and instability. (Half of the nobles are a strange alien kind of "legal insurrectionist".)Cults of evil gods attempt to undermine all Order and moral progress.

2007-01-17, 03:29 AM
I found this setting a bit confusing to read. There seems to be a few contradictions as per the flexibility\rigidity of this system. Also, why is the system like this? What events led to the caste system being used? Is this the only system of government in your setting, or are there independent cities? Also think describing gay gang rape is going a bit too far in the 'brutal regime' description.

2007-01-17, 04:35 AM
Homosexuals are severely hated, sometimes even gang raped as punishment for trying to claim that homosexuality is o.k by court orderThat doesn't look at all like what would be a sentence of an homophobic state. It would be probably more in the death penalty / mutilation department;

Thus, protests may be done in matters of Economics, Religion, and Politics. Protests may not be done in matter of Law. Because of this, Politicians routinely frame opponents and large groups of common man for crimes not committed and get rid of them. Wait, does that means that one can accuse anybody and get him sentenced without evidence ? If that's so, then your kingdom will fall in one day.

2007-01-17, 02:09 PM
No. There's always trial, but it causes civil unrest and political instabillity. It fills the politicians and judges pockets with gold.

2007-01-17, 06:21 PM
Seems a little harsh. Women executed for gossiping? There's some interesting stuff here, but I wonder if it couldn't be presented in a more cohesive way?

With regard to the original question, by what standards are we expected to judge this? Official Campaign Worlds? Third Party Campaign Worlds? Homebrewed Campaign Worlds we have played in? Campaign Worlds presented on these boards?

2007-01-17, 09:39 PM
Campaing worlds and fictional settings.

2007-01-19, 10:22 AM
Honestly, it seems a little immature in places, but otherwise reminds me somewhat of the Empire of Iuz the Evil. There isn't really enough information to compare it absolutely with other Campaign or Literary Fantasy Worlds, but on its own merits it seems like a fairly standard sort of write up for an Evil Aligned Kingdom.

2007-01-20, 03:13 AM
I like, what are the pc to do?

2007-01-20, 11:04 AM
root out cults, help the local lords loyal to the king, maybe rescue people. etcetera.

2007-01-20, 11:15 AM
Sounds like an expose of the absolute worst in a Lawful Neutral society.