View Full Version : Hexblades and alignment

2007-01-17, 11:18 AM
Hey, just a question on Hexblades and how they're often played/have to be played.

In the complete warrior description, they give the hexblade as a rather evil clss, with the stipulation that they cannot be of a good alignment; However, there is nothing in the hexblade description that I saw that said they'd lose anything if they became good.

In addition, in the players handbook II, the sample archetypes had 2 that were most assuredly GOOD, in that they were cliched turned from darkness heroes.

Now, just a question; does anyone know if that was errated to not require a non-good alignment, and how often have people here seen/played good hexblades?
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2007-01-17, 11:21 AM
We had a hexblade in our party for a bit. He was neutral and the player played him as kind of a jerk and uncooperative but did the right thing for the most part. I really like the class and would let someone play a good one if they had a good reason.