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2007-01-17, 12:04 PM
Albrecht Dunkelbuch

Dark Wizard: Albrecht Dark-book

Albrecht is an evil wizard who has a dark and terrible keep in the DunkerWald. He has mastered the summoning of hobgoblins and he uses them as spies and servants.

The approaches to his castle is guarded by bonfires and hobgoblin guards, invisible behind the flames. Albrecht has forged pain collars for the hobgoblins. He invokes these at the first sign of independence. A hobgoblin visible by a fire feels himself covered in icy pain.

Hobgoblins on patrol carry cold iron weapons to deal with other fey. They have bows that fire icy arrows that freeze a target in place if they fail a fort save.

Great achievements like a captured fairy are rewarded with a goblin fire dance where the hobgobs eat slaughtered horses around a bonfire. Albrecht is careful to maintain a small list of pleasures for his hobgoblin servants and discourages too much unity among his guards.

In his icy forest Albrecht uses baleful polymorph to turn his captives into monsters that do his bidding. A few poor villages live in his shadow from which he draws his militia and spies. Albrecht is careful to trust only those who will lose their family or loved ones if they disobey.