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2013-12-18, 03:20 PM
So I am running two concurrent Naruto Pathfinder games and have made some modifications throughout the games and wanted some opinions towards my modifications to the standard rules(and required groupings for race builds, etc).

So for starters, We are using the ARG to build "clans" rather than races(most characters in Naruto are human, so its more about clan than race).
Everyone gets 10 points, but can pick from any of the Traits(Standard, Advanced, or Monstrous). The biggest change from my initial creation of this idea is that I have made three required categories based on the Naruto Verse, and wanted an opinion on those specifically. Each is below and costs 3 of the 10 points:

Ninjutsu: This best represents your chakra nature. Buying multiples of these can result in a kekkai genkai or kekkai taisho(spell check on that one).

1 RP - Elemental Affinity
1 RP - Elemental Resistance
1 RP - Elemental Assault or Breath Weapon

Taijutsu: This best represents those with strong martial prestige. There are two trees(Might and Speed):
1 RP - Stability or Fast
1 RP - Skill Training: Climb/Swim or Acrobatics/Escape Artist
1 RP - Defensive Training(Lesser) or Cat's Luck

Genjutsu: This best represents those with strong illusion and compulsion prowess. There are two trees(Illusion and Enchantment):
2 RP - Gnome Magic or Seducer
1 RP - Illusion Resistance or Dual Minded
So those are the first three racial requirements I would like feedback on. The second is are the rules I am including from the variant systems:

1. All characters are Gestalt. Best of B.A.B. and Saves, and all special abilities are gained. The classes represent abilities the character is capable of, not the class title(IE: a fighter does not have to be a traditional fighter, just means they have those abilities and bonuses).

2. Spells per day have been replaced with a spell point system to better represent chakra.

3. Dueling rules apply anytime two or more opponents are aware of eachother. Duel abilities that are limited to once per dual are instead once per encounter. Counterspells still consume chakra(spell points).

4. Armor as damage reduction. This one is to better represent the fact that in the manga, the characters armor/clothing status tend to represent how much damage theyve taken and can still take(similar to DBZ, but more stylized).

5. The wound and vitality system has replaced the standard HP system.

Please feel free to add any additional rules/variants that you believe could work better. I am also undertaking the extreme task of replacing the standard spell schools with the three categories above and all of the subcategories of jutsu found on narutopedia(Example: Sealing Jutsu).

EDIT: Before anyone asks, I am increasing the difficulty of the encounters our Narutoverse characters will have. The Custom ARG Clan, Vitality/Wound System, Gestalt Classes, Chakra Pools, and Armor as DR all increase the longevity of the characters, especially early on(Compared to PF standard).

2013-12-19, 03:42 PM
It's 3.5 material, but Psionics and Tome of Battle could be used for Nin/Gen and Taijutsu. A gestalt Manifester//Initiator would look a lot like the anime I think.

2013-12-19, 03:49 PM
It's 3.5 material, but Psionics and Tome of Battle could be used for Nin/Gen and Taijutsu. A gestalt Manifester//Initiator would look a lot like the anime I think.

I had considered using the 3rd party Psionics for Pathfinder. That's actually where I got the initial ideas for power points that became the chakra pool.

As far as class restrictions, there really aren't any.

Example: Bob wants to play a jinchurriki. Bob decides that the summoner(synthesist) would best represent his tailed beast form and the tailed beast's chakra. For his other class(With which to gestalt), he decides to pick sorceror. One way for Bob and his GM to look at the character could then be that the jutsu(spells) cast from his summoner list and chakra(power points) represent his tailed beast's chakra, while his sorceror jutsu(spells) and chakra(power points) represent the characters innate abilities.
This of course would be in addition to the custom clan Bob designs using the ARG.

Keep the feedback coming!

2013-12-23, 12:34 PM

Anyone forsee any specific balance issues between characters?