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2013-12-25, 07:21 AM
It's been a while, a long, long while, since I've been on these boards, but I'm back with an idea for a new story. To go along with the story I came up with a character generator for the players to use. What I need are some fresh eyes to see if there are some obvious gaps I've missed.

Is it balanced? No, but that's not the point. The point is to do something you might be unfamiliar with. Besides, the story will have more challenges that just seeing who can bash a bandit the best.

So yeah, and help is very much appreciated and there's no deadline since I'm still recovering a lot of what I built up from memory and corrupted word documents.


Character creation: To create our characters well be using random dice rolls. The intent here is to get a truly unique outlook and opinions from our characters. Each section requires a roll, or two, on a d100. Certain races and combinations are the exception, but Iíll tell you which ones they are. No rerolls, but you can roll three times and pick your favorite set. Hopefully there will be enough leeway for you to wiggle around and make some calls on your own, otherwise there is nothing that says your character canít grow beyond what they start out as.

Race: The starting ratios of the races in Ceitrel. As the story moves on, Iíll readjust the values for new characters. If someone creates a race that doesn't fall into a category, Iíll add it here as well.
1-60 Human
61-80 Slepen
81-90 Grol
91-93 Gobkin
94-95 Mortiferous
96-97 Underfolk
98 The Elder
99 Dragons
100 Celestian ( If you roll this, Iíd suggest getting a pairing with another player since celestians canít manifest in the world without a body to ride in.)

Gender: All races except for gobkin and grol roll here. Gobkin are gender nuetral and grol can change genders over time. (Yes there are the gobkin hags, and they are female, but sorry you canít play as one.)
Male 1-50
Female 51-100

Profession: All of our characters will have had a job or a function that they used to gain the money and supplies needed for this trip. Even if they are unemployed now, they did something in the past to survive. This sums up your basic skill set. If you roll a farmer, then you have the skills necessary to do the things a farmer would.
1-4 Slave (Pretty obvious. Iíd suggest pairing with another player as your owner. Otherwise you could be or the run, but Iíd keep that to yourself. ;) )
5-14 Servant (You provide a service such as a butler or a messenger, but can include other things like mercenaries, guards, lawyers, and scribes. Usually not glamorous, but thatís not a rule.)
15-24 Producer (Woodcutter, farmer, miner, any job that provides a raw material.)
25-34 Craftspeople (Smith, cook, bookbinder, you make things from the producerís efforts.)
35-44 Merchant (Inn keeper, caravan leader, shopkeep, you procure and sell items and employ servants.)
45-54 Criminal (Bandit, forger, cutpurse, you work outside of the law.)
55-64 Entertainer (Writers, gladiators, actors and others who put on a show for coin belong here.)
65-71 Military (There are plenty of positions and roles available. This includes any naval and aeronautic forces as well. The zephyr piloting Wind Guard would fall into the ranks of aerial soldiers.)
72-78 Government (People like diplomats, councillors, lawmen. If it has to do with the rule of law and itís enforcement, it belongs here. No noble titles however, that is separate)
79-85 Scholar (Academics, apothecaries, and scientists of all stripes. No mages, thatís down bellow.)
86-92 Clergy (Monks, priests, and other holy men who worship one of the many Therins to choose from, just be careful displaying your faith in foreign lands.)
93-96 Nobility (The upper crust is up for grabs. Make sure you trust the people who know or hire some guards if you canít keep your mouth shut about how your cousin in King Henry Helmuir the 3rd. )
97-100 Mage (The Illuminated few reside in this category.)

Weapons: The things you start out owning to defend yourself with. You donít have to use them exclusively past the start, but they can certainly help out when traveling, even if you aren't proficient with them. Grol and Dragons need not apply as they have weapons as part of their physiology, within reason of course. Professional mages canít automatically choose magic and need to roll as normal. It takes exceptional training to use magic as a weapon and not immediately use up all the Aetherium around you.
1-10 None
11-20 Tools (Shovels, tongs, brooms, things not meant for use in battle and can break easily when they are.)
21-26 Daggers
27-33 Clubs
34-40 Slings
41-46 Hammers
47-53 Axes
54-60 Polearms
61-65 Bows
66-70 Swords
71-75 Flails
76-80 Picks
81-85 Sickles
86-90 Tanglers (For lack of a better term. Nets, bolas, and the like.)
91-95 Crossbows
96-99 Magic (Unlike the others on the list, this one signifies an ability to use magic in the heat of battle. Automatically grants the magic talent below.)
100 Basic Firearms (Lucky you, the Sekel rarely let these things get past their borders.)

Talents: Talents are your natural or developed gifts. They are something intrinsic to your character. Roll twice. If your profession or weapon is magic , then one of your talents is already magic and you roll once.
1-4 None (Not everyone is good at any one thing in particular, but that doesnít stop them from becoming extraordinary later.)
6-10 Perception
11-16 Strength
17-22 Willpower
23-28 Agility
29-34 Speed
35-40 Endurance
41-46 Knowledgeable
47-52 Cunning
53-58 Creativity
59-64 Empathy
65-70 Charisma
71-76 Skill (Where the rest of these are generalized, you can do one thing in particular and you can do it well.)
77-82 Luck
83-88 Wealth
89-94 Authority
95-100 Magic

Equipment: Everyone has at least some basic traveling gear including something to sleep on, a change of clothes and a few provisions to eat and drink. Roll twice here. If you have the wealth trait, you can just pick five from this list.
1-5 Nothing
6-15 Trade goods (Things to use for bartering that have no (mostly) use on their own, however they can become more useful when paired with other categories on this list.)
16-40 Camping gear (Tent, a cooking pot, and other things that make a trip on the road easier.)
41-50 Exploration gear (Rope, torches, things that help in overcoming obstacles.)
51-60 Profession gear (Things related to your profession that you can take with you.)
61-70 Healer's kit (Nothing fancy, just salves, alcohol and bandages, but a real lifesaver out in the middle of nowhere.)
71-75 Animal Companion (Dogs, falcons, anything that can be trained or tamed, but too small to be ridden.)
76-83 Mount (Beasts of burden that carry their masters from one place to another.)
84-91 Armor (Defensive gear meant to protect the body. Handy to have in a fight or other dangerous situations.)
92-96 Cart (You have a cart or wagon to carry yourself in as well as anything you happen to come across in your travels. Usually comes with the animals needed to drive it.)
97-100 Imbued item (If you roll this you have somehow gained a magical item that does, or does not, obey your commands. The effect is mostly up to you, just nothing too out of hand. If you roll this you can choose to imbue any item you might have rolled earlier.)

Abilities or items of note:
World: (Another part of the character creation allows the players to have full authorship of certain parts of the world. I'll have everything needed for the story mapped out, but this will let them include their own stuff.)

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Fixed. That was some of the document corruption I was talking about. I thought it might look cooler left as is, but no, it really wasn't.

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Seems interesting enough. I'd play in it.