View Full Version : Kindle Fire question

2013-12-26, 08:56 AM
Ok, so can anyone explain to me why I can watch youtube videos with zero problems, but netflix wont let me stream videos?

2013-12-26, 09:13 AM
A more detailed description would be helpful.

Off the top of my head, Youtube uses the ever-ubiquitous Flash, while Netflix uses Microsoft's Silverlight. Do you have a Silverlight plug-in installed?

2013-12-26, 10:00 AM
Honestly I have no idea. I got a kindle fire hd 8.9in I have no real idea what it comes with. When I tried to stream netflix I got a screen showing me a list of the requirements to use it, but I dont know what on the list I may have been missing.

*EDIT* I figured it out. I needed to download an app to play netflix. Didnt realize that.

2013-12-28, 11:45 PM
Wait, your Kindle Fire has a flash-player?! That is the one plugin I didn't think the Kindle supported. I got a Fire for Christmas and it told me it didn't support Flash.

2013-12-29, 10:01 AM
The first generation Kindle Fire came with a Flash plugin, though it was disabled by default. Adobe stopped supporting Flash on mobile devices some time ago, so newer Kindle Fire models can't get it. However, recent Fire models (the HDX at least (http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201306470), not sure about the others) have an experimental viewer that can convert some Flash files so the Silk browser can display them.

YouTube also supports HTML5 playback (https://www.youtube.com/html5), so Flash might not even be involved at all.