View Full Version : Shaman (OA + Spirit Shaman) [3.5]

Platypus Fries
2013-12-27, 01:40 PM
Creating a new world, revising it, revising it again, etc. I've come to the point where I need a shaman-style class, which should be rather common among certain groups of people. Not a huge fan of the Spirit Shaman, I began updating the Oriental Adventures Shaman to 3.5, using the guidance of the Oriental Adventures Update in Dragon #318. As I was doing this I became more and more annoyed by the fact that the OA Shaman, despite being flavoured around spirits, it only reflected that in its spell list. I decided to take a look at the Spirit Shaman for ideas. Because the OA Shaman is less versatile than the cleric or druid, and the Spirit Shaman is mechanically weaker (in my opinion), I didn't think it would cause balance issues to import a few of the Spirit Shaman class abilities to my updated OA Shaman. The class features of the Spirit Shaman and the spell list of the OA Shaman create a class with much more focus on the concept of spirits, and don't make the OA Shaman particularly more powerful than the base class with the 3.5 update. You can view what I have here:

The Shaman (http://jmp.sh/v/vc5pnAAJ6k8Baa8xxlPp)

What I'm looking for are opinions about balance, flavour, etc. Also if you notice any spelling mistakes, formatting issues, content that is still 3.0 when there's a 3.5 alternative, or any other issues please do tell.

Content in the PDF comes mostly from Oriental Adventures and Dragon #318 there is also content in the feats and spells taken from Book of Exalted Deeds, Complete Arcane, Complete Divine, Complete Warrior, and the Player's Guide to Faerūn, where some of the material from Oriental Adventures had 3.5 versions.