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2013-12-28, 09:21 PM
The Brainspark

Hit Dice: d8
Skill Points per Level: 4 + Int
Skill Points at 1st Level: 4 * (4 + Int)

A Brainspark's class skills are Autohypnosis (Wis), Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Escape Artist (Dex), Forgery (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (Any) (Int), Listen (Wis), Profession (Wis), Psicraft (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), and Tumble (Dex).

LevelBABFortRefWillSpecialPower PointsPowers KnownMaximum Power Level Known
1+0+0+2+2Wild Surge +1, Psychic Enervation, Discipline Focus0*11st
2+1+0+3+3Psychic Meditation121st
3+2+1+3+3Vent Mania331st
4+3+1+4+4Eureka Pool (5)542nd
5+3+1+4+4Wild Surge +2, Bonus Feat752nd
6+4+2+5+5Exceed Boundaries +1, Deep Psychic Meditation1162nd
7+5+2+5+5Bonus Feat1573rd
8+6/+1+2+6+6Eureka Pool (10)1983rd
9+6/+1+3+6+6Wild Surge +3, Bonus Feat2393rd
10+7/+2+3+7+7Deep Psychic Meditation27104th
11+8/+3+3+7+7Exceed Boundaries +2, Bonus Feat35114th
12+9/+4+4+8+8Eureka Pool (15)43124th
13+9/+4+4+8+8Wild Surge +4, Bonus Feat51135th
14+10/+5+4+9+9Deep Psychic Meditation59145th
15+11/+6/+1+5+9+9Bonus Feat67155th
16+12/+7/+2+5+10+10Eureka Pool (20)79166th
17+12/+7/+2+5+10+10Wild Surge +5, Bonus Feat91176th
18+13/+8/+3+6+11+11Exceed Boundaries +3, Deep Psychic Meditation103186th
19+14/+9/+4+6+11+11Bonus Feat115196th
20+15/+10/+5+6+12+12Eureka Pool (25), Utterly Awake127206th

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: A Brainspark is proficient with all simple weapons; they are not proficient with any form of armor or shields.

Power Points/Day: A Brainspark’s ability to manifest powers is limited by the power points they have available. Their base daily allotment of power points is given on the above table. In addition, they receives bonus power points per day if they have a high Intelligence score.

Powers Known: A Brainspark begins play knowing one wilder power of your choice. At every level after 1st, they unlock the knowledge of new powers.
Choose the powers known from the Wilder power list. A Brainspark can manifest any power that has a power point cost equal to or lower than their manifester level.
The total number of powers a Brainspark can manifest in a day is limited only by their daily power points.
A Brainspark simply knows their powers; they are ingrained in their mind. They do not need to prepare them, though she must get a good night’s sleep each day to regain all her spent power points.
The DC for saving throws against Brainspark powers is 10 + the power’s level + the Brainspark’s Intelligence modifier.

Maximum Power Level Known: A Brainspark begins play with the ability to learn 1st-level powers. As they attains higher levels, they may gain the ability to master more complex powers.
To learn or manifest a power, a Brainspark must have a Intelligence score of at least 10 + the power’s level.

Wild Surge (Su): Leaps of logic and odd fancies can interact oddly with the powers of the mind.

This class feature functions as the Wilder (http://dndsrd.net/psionicWilder.html) class feature of the same name.

Psychic Enervation (Ex): Leaps of logic can leave you in dead ends.

This class feature functions as the Wilder (http://dndsrd.net/psionicWilder.html) class feature of the same name.

Discipline Focus (Ex): Leaping to conclusions is a lot safer when you can see your landing spot.

At 1st level, select a single Psionic discipline. This discipline is known as their Favored Discipline.

A Brainspark may learn powers restricted to their Favored Discipline. In addition, whenever they use Wild Surge in conjunction with a power from their Favored Discipline, the chance of Psychic Enervation is reduced by 5%.

Psychic Meditation (Ex): Self-knowledge is a beautiful thing.

A Brainspark gains the Psychic Meditation (http://archive.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/psm/20040827b) feat as a bonus feat, regardless of whether or not they qualify for it.

Vent Mania (Ex): The side effects of mistakes can be... redirected.

Whenever of Brainspark of 3rd level is overcome by Psychic Enervation, they may choose to take 1d8 damage per caster level increase instead of being Dazed, as the power of their mind rips through their bodies.

Additionally, they may choose to take 1 damage per power point they would lose due to Psychic Enervation to retain those power points; this choice is separate from the choice to take damage instead of being dazed.

If the power that caused their Psychic Enervation was from their Favored Discipline, reduce the damage taken by half their class level.

Eureka Pool (Su): It can be beneficial to compartmentalize your power.

A Brainspark of at least 4th level gains an alternate way to open their Third Eye psychic energy center.

When they activate that energy center, they may choose to instead gain an empty pool of 5 power points, referred to as their Eureka Pool; power points from this pool may only be spent on powers from their Favored Discipline.

They may spend 3 power points as a move action to add 5 points to their Eureka Pool.

At 8th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the maximum capacity of their Eureka Pool increases by 5.

However, there is a downside to this added capacity; as long as it is active, the maximum power point capacity of their normal pool is reduced by 2; at 8th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, this reduction is increased by 2. Any power points they have beyond their new maximum are lost.

Exceed Boundaries (Ex): Focused study can result in wondrous results.

At 6th level, a Brainspark considers their Maximum Power Level Known as being 1 higher for the purposes of powers from their Favored Discipline.

At 11th level, this increases to be 2 higher; at 18th level, this increases to be 3 higher.

Deep Psychic Meditation (Ex): Levels of personal knowledge can only become deeper.

At 6th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, they gain the Deeper Psychic Meditation (http://archive.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/psm/20040827b) feat as a bonus feat; upon gaining it the last time, you instead gain 4 additional daily activations.

Bonus Feats (Ex): Brilliance begets brilliance, leaving to insight.

At 6th level, and every even level thereafter, a Brainspark gains a single [Psionic] feat that they qualify for as a bonus feat.

Utterly Awake (Ex): Insight begets clarity. And clarity is good.

At 20th level, a Brainspark no longer needs to sleep, and is immune to all [Sleep] effects.

In addition, they may increase the time needed to activate a psychic energy center to 1 hour to increase the duration of that activation to 24 hours.

Brainspark Feats
Circle of Insights [Psionic]
Great minds tend to feed each-other.
Prerequisites: Wild Surge +1
Benefit: As long as another Psionic power was manifested within 30' within the last round, the chance that Psychic Enervation will occur is reduced by 5%.

2015-07-08, 08:13 AM
The table has been updated with a little help from Xefas (i.e., he sent me an updated table.)

That sounds like something to celebrate, don't it?

Modifies: Discipline Focus, Exceed Boundaries, Psychic Meditation
Replaces: Deep Psychic Meditation

At 1st level, a Madspark with this ACF chooses a single Mantle instead of a Discipline; they gain the granted ability of that Mantle, as well as the ability to learn the powers associated with that Mantle. If the Mantle has less than 10 Powers in it, add a thematically appropriate Power to it, following the restrictions and guidelines of Substitute Powers (http://archive.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/psm/20070629a). This Mantle counts as their Discipline for the purposes of a Madspark's other class features.

When they gain the Psychic Meditation feat, they may only awaken the Third Eye Chakra; however, doing so causes them to grow an actual third eye, which has an exact appearance defined by the player. If the Chakra is inactive, then the eye is closed; otherwise, it opens and stares at the world, shedding light like a candle. They cannot reset their Third Eye Chakra through any means; it is now a physical part of them, which carries over to any other form they might take.

Whenever a Madspark with this ACF gains Exceed Boundaries, they increase the maximum number of Power in their Mantle by one, and add two Powers to it, following the same restrictions as they did at 1st level. This is in addition to allowing them access to higher level powers.

At 6th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, a Madspark with a Spark of Divinity gains the following feature in place of Deeper Meditation:

Terrible Third Eye (Ex and Su): Your third eye stares at the world, seeing all. Sometimes, it tells you what it sees. You wish it wouldn't.

At 6th level and every 4 levels thereafter, a Madspark gains two additional Activations of Psionic Meditation, which may only be used to activate the Third Eye Chakra.

In addition, they gain the benefits of the Psicrystal Affinity feat, except that the Psicrystal is instead their Third Eye; treat this as if it were an Implanted Psicrystal (http://dsp-d20-srd.wikidot.com/alternate-psicrystal:implanted-psicrystal), except that it loses Sighted whenever their Third Eye is closed. At 10th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, they gain Improved Psicrystal as a bonus feat.

So... yeah.