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2013-12-30, 06:07 PM
Angel Fall
Level: None (see description)
Components: M, F, DF
Casting Time: 3 years
Range: Personal and Unlimited
Target: You and a Deity
Duration: Instantaneous then 3 days then permanent (see description)
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: None

This Ritual can be cast by anyone, regardless of magical skill.
To begin this ritual you must create a ritual site (45 ft by 45 feet safe from the elements, on the material plane) and fill it with religious artifacts and arrange them in a specific design, you must spend at least 8 hours awake polishing and cleaning the ritual site each day, for 3 years.
At the end of 3 years you must leave the door open and unimpeded so that humanoid creatures may enter (they donít have to enter but they may). After the ritual is complete you may utter the name of a Deity. the spell then stripps the Deity of all of its divine ranks and deposits it on the material plane. then over the course of 3 days you gain the deities divine ranks and ascend to its personal plane.
If the ritual site is completely destroyed before the 3 day transferal period is done the spell is reversed.

2013-12-30, 06:52 PM
This should probably be an Epic Spell. Being able to be cast by a level one Commoner and become a rank 20 deity is tremendously dumb for the stability of any possible game world.

2013-12-30, 07:09 PM
You seem to be mistaking a plot device for a thing that needs normal spell stats.

2013-12-30, 10:30 PM
Not everything needs stats OP. That, as the above poster said, is a plot device you can easily perform using simple fiction.

Not everything needs stats or rules to be done, please look into a variety of table-top games to see this. 3.5/PF are not examples of well-crafted games, none really are perfect, but you'll do good actually seeing more table-top games then what most people end up getting stuck on.

Strands of FATE might be a good start for you, or Dungeon World.

2013-12-31, 03:19 AM
i just wanted to make this (http://toarumajutsunoindex.wikia.com/wiki/Angel_Fall).

2013-12-31, 03:42 PM
Well, the spell you made and the spell you referenced have effectively nothing in common.

1) Magic in Toaru-verse is so fundamentally different from D&D's that you can't just take the fact that some random guy accidentally did it as cause for 'anyone can do it in D&D'. Infact, in the cited case it only worked for the spellcaster because the protagonist's luck is just that bad. The spell's never been successfully cast before that, apparently. Atleast not by a non-mage.

2) The spell in question brought down an angel, not a deity. Furthermore, the angel is random and the spellcaster does not have the opportunity to gain the angel's power in any demonstrable way.

3) The spell cited also has gonzo side-effects which you could use as a better plot-device than ganking a deity's power.