View Full Version : Glug and Drilis' Train Line

2007-01-19, 02:18 PM
A long platform of perfectly square cobbled stones sit before you. At the end of the platform stands a strange combination of metal and magic, with puffs of multi-coloured smoke rising from a long metal tube. The wheels seem cold and round, with a strange metal rod on top. Behind this very weird contraption is a cabin of old iron and brass. A pile of coal lies on the path beside it. Behind this cabin is about 5 or 6 carridges, with padded iron seats and faded red cloth. An old half-orc sits in a booth nearby, very bored. He idly swings a small well-made hand axe. A small notice underneath the window to this booth reads:

Welcome to our new, safe mode of transport!
Want a gentle ride round the countryside? Need to get to a place quickly? Well we have the service for you!
Created by the brilliant minded Engineer, Drilis, we can guarantee a safe, comfortable journey, for only 10 gold pieces. Book your tickets, now!

Small print: Gnomes will be shot on sight

We cannot accept responsibility for loss of hit-points while travelling.
Not fully functional.

Beside the iron contraption a well dressed dwarf leans on the side of the train.
He holds a green flag and ticket in his hands. This must be Drilis.

On the whole, this place seems bare, with strange track leading off into the distance.

((As NPCs Drilis and Glug can be moved about by you...but they don't attack, they run away.))

2007-01-19, 02:19 PM
Werll...'ere we are, aye? Mooch wurk doon fer thi', aye?

Drilis...you shut up or Glug bash you to teeny tiny bits.


Castaras wanders in, grinning at the sign. She hands over 10 gold pieces to Glug, and climbs on the train.


A while later she climbs off, a bit bruised and battered. She shakily walks out of the station.

2007-01-20, 07:17 AM
Whaet ye wont, Glug?


Oonli arskin'...

Gods I need a drink. Trog's alright for an npc?

Loooks lyke it eh?

Glug stamps out of the station in a stress.