View Full Version : Combat Morph (2H, 2W, S+B)

2007-01-19, 05:20 PM
First, double all NPC and PC HP. Ahh, that's better, some room to play.

Next, rogues and rogue-likes get sneak attack dice twice as often.

Next, double all weapon damage dice.

Spell damage doubles too!

(reason behind all of this doubling is to get rid of some fractions later on).

Str bonus (and penalty) to damage:
Finessable: STRx1
2H Finessable: STRx2+5
2H: STRx3+5
Normal: STRx2
Secondary attack: 1 less STR multiplier.

Look ma, no fractions!

Attacking with a two handed weapon has a -2 penalty to hit. (notice I also granted +5 damage -- this is a form of automatic power attack)

Enchanted weapons gain the same boost to damage as strength does.

Power attack acts as a strength bonus boost to damage, and is multiplied accordingly. (this weakens power attack on 2H weapons slightly)

Dex and to-hit:
Any weapon finess weapon can use dex, str, or (dex+str)/2 round down bonus to hit.
Any crude weapon (club, most 2H weapons, bastard sword) can only use str to hit.
Most weapons can use (str) or (str+dex)/2 round down to hit.

The above requires no feats.

Dex and damage:
Weapon Finess feat adds +dex to damage with any finessable weapon. Every time you take Weapon Finess you get to pick 3 weapons.

Two Weapon Fighting [Feat]
Requires: BaB+DexMod of +3
Otherwise unchanged.

Paired Two Weapon Fighting [Feat]
Requires: BaB+DexMod of +4
Reduces the penalty for TWF if you are using paired weapons.
+0/-1 if light, -2/-2 if normal sized.

Main Gauche Fighting [Feat]
Requires: BaB+DexMod of +4
While using a dagger or main gauche in your offhand, and a normal sized weapon in your main hand:
+1 to hit with both
+1 parry bonus to AC (melee attacks, but not ranged)
Can Feint with the main hand's attack bonus (vs sense motive).
If successful, opponent is denied dex to AC against a single offhand Dagger in the same attack round at +2 to hit and damage.

Two Weapon Defence [Feat]
Requires: BaB+DexMod of +5
You have two options. You can actively or passively defend. When passively defending, you can take up to your dex mod in to-hit penalty on your offhand weapon in exchange for an equal bonus to parry AC.

You can also actively defend. This costs you any ability to normally attack with your offhand weapon, and in exchange you gain a single AoO per round with your offhand weapon against anyone who attempts to attack you from a square your offhand weapon threatens, before they attack. If you succeed in hitting, every point of damage done is a penalty to their to-hit roll.

Two Weapon Mastery [Feat]
Requires: BaB+DexMod of +5
During a full attack, your offhand can attack whenever your main hand does.
Outside of a full attack, you can take a -2 to hit on an attack to swing both weapons. Both weapons use the same attack roll, and both weapons deal damage. Precision based damage (like sneak attack) is applied once.

Power Attack [Feat]
Requires: BaB+StrMod of +3
You can sacrafice to-hit (up to your strength mod) in exchange for an increase in damage. Consider this a boost to your strength-modifier-to-damage.

Two Handed Fighting [Feat]
Requires: BaB+StrMod of +4
You no longer have a -2 to hit when swinging a two handed weapon.

Sword and Board Fighting [Feat]
Requires: BaB+StrMod of +3
This feat requires that you are using one one handed weapon and one shield. If you change your stance, no bonus's apply.
Your shield bonus to AC is increased by your Str bonus to hit. If you sacrafice your Str bonus to hit (say, using power attack), this bonus is lost.
If someone misses you by your shield bonus to AC, you can counter attack. Your str bonus to damage on your main hand weapon is incremented by 2 (from STRx2 to STRx4, for example) on the first hit that happens this round or the next.