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2007-01-19, 07:29 PM
An open plain, a good distance from the Town, waits in silence. It's definitely way too quiet. Overly cliched, too quiet.

Then, three people, two with wizard's robes, one with a breastplate, appear. One of the wizards begins to limp to find cover, and the other two start running.

A Medium-sized Silver Dragon appears in the same spot that they did. He snarls angrily, and takes to the sky. He flies ahead of the trio easily. It is now obvious that the limping wizard is badly hurt, and the warrior seems a bit roughed up. The dragon seems perfectly fine. He lands in front of them, and yells loudly, "Your evil reign ends here, triplets! You will no longer experiment, you will no longer cause monstrosities, and you will not condemn innocent creatures to death!" He breathes in deeply, then lunges forward and tears open the limping wizard's robes and skin. Blood flies everywhere, and the man cries out in pain and falls to the ground, bathing in his own red pool. "Brother!" Cries the other wizard. He looks suddenly angry, and begins to cast a spell.

The warrior draws a sword and braces against her shield as the dragon's claw dents it.

The dragon is hit by a fireball, and screams. "Dwim and Dwun, you foul, evil creatures! Even if you kill me today, you will be stopped!" One of the wizards snarls at him and continues casting, while the other continues to bleed and die. The woman does not answer; she merely swings at the dragon and misses. The dragon, whose name is Dragon, growls again. "Dwot, you bring a blight upon the world! They were dead once! You brought them back! For this, for the good of the world, you must also die." He claws out at the wizard remaining, interrupting a spell and causing long gashes. Dwot swings at Dragon again, leaving an angry red line of blood along his shiny silver-blue scales.

The battle rages on like this, both sides continuing to take hits. It lasts longer and longer as the hated enemies bounce back and forth, back and forth.

Finally, the second wizard is stopped. He gazes down at his bleeding stump that moments before was an arm, and opens his mouth in surprise. Next off is his head, and his body tumbles to the ground, blood spurting.

Dwot takes full advantage of the distracted dragon, and swings violently at the already injured animal; he begins to swagger and yells again in pain. She is too busy and injured to speak. Both of them panting like dogs, they circle slowly. Then, the warrior charges, and Dragon is slow to react. An already abused wing is cleaved off of Dragon's side, but he doesn't care. He ignores the pain, and fights for what he believes in. Dwot's momentum brings her through, and Dragon raises up a claw and drives it through her back, impaling her and then tossing her up into the air, where she then falls and lays on the ground, quite dead.

Dragon falls over, having overexerted himself enormously, and having sustained serious injuries. "I did it...they're dead...we're all...safe..." He closes his eyes wearily, as if finally being able to sleep after a very, very long day.

The noble dragon dies, contented, still hoping he has done the world good, and that his friends will live on happily.