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2014-01-03, 01:08 AM
Long-time reader, first-time poster! :smallcool: I was hoping to draw on the collective wisdom of the group to solve a mystery that is keeping me awake at night.

I am looking for a webcomic I used to read several years ago, I'm thinking 2008, but I can't track it down.

It was a black & white fantasy webcomic, drawn with pen/brush and ink, in a fairly cartoony style, somewhere between Calvin & Hobbes and Faith Erin Hicks.

I remember it stalled out once due to family issues, then went on hiatus, and now I can't tell if the artist (I believe it was a guy) is even doing art anymore.

The comic was set (as I recall) in an alternate reality where there was magic and wandering adventurers, but there were also supermarkets, diners, etc.

There were several standalone stories on the site that took place in the same universe. One was about a female magic-user named Kayleigh (I think?) who got stuck with a hobo's son as an apprentice, and ended up in a dangerous amusement park. There was also a small standalone story about Kayleigh (?) watching some giants fight among the clouds.

Another was about a male underachiever adventurer who returned to his hometown; it looks peaceful but All Is Not As It Appears! His mother had died in a diner fire years before, but the diner has been rebuilt and nobody seems to remember the fire, and there is magical trouble brewing.

The stories were as much (or more) about relationships and rites of passage as they were about fantasy. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Fion MacCumhail
2014-01-03, 04:51 PM
it does, but unfortunately i don't remember the name, either. all i know is that it is (or used to be) on the list (www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=272481) and that it was definitely before S and after B. also, i didn't find it checking M-R just now, but that may be due to me not remembering the art style correctly or the link being defunct (i really have to clean up one of these days).

2014-01-03, 05:44 PM
I didn't see anything on The List that rang a bell, and I didn't see anything on this list either:


or this list:


The art style was similar to Doug Tennapel's human characters, when he's working loose, but a little more stylized facial features. Not as dynamic as Tennapel.

The girl wizard was blonde and I think she wore a bandana, had a walking stick, could hurl fireballs. The guy was more of a warrior I think, but had some mystic connection with... bears, maybe? That gave him more strength. I think he had an adventure with a friend who had... fish or amphibian powers that would only work underwater.

More plot points could help: (SPOILERS) When the male adventurer first returns to his old hometown, early in the story, he meets a girl who introduces herself as his sister. He acts like he doesn't remember her, and then smiles and says that he does, and the reader assumes that he was just joking around. Many, many pages later it turns out that the girl was not his sister, but actually cast a spell on him as she introduced herself so that our protagonist believed that she was his sister (make sense?). Also, it turns out that the boy's mother had Phoenix blood, and while she was killed in the fire, she was reborn, and has been growing up in the town while he has been away. At the end, there is a war against some evil wizardry to save the town.

2014-01-05, 11:01 AM
You're looking for North World/Epic of Conrad (http://www.larsbrown.com/archive.php).

Wouldn't have guessed it if you hadn't posted those specific spoilers. Enjoy!

(I registered just to post this, haha.)

Fion MacCumhail
2014-01-05, 03:42 PM
ah, so it WAS among the broken links.
thanks, this had started to really bug me as well.

2014-01-05, 08:34 PM
You're looking for North World/Epic of Conrad (http://www.larsbrown.com/archive.php).

Wouldn't have guessed it if you hadn't posted those specific spoilers. Enjoy!

(I registered just to post this, haha.)


Bonus: he's added new material! Haven't been this excited since I rediscovered Daniel Amos.

Thank you, "iponly," whoever you are, and Fion, and to everyone who strained a cerebral neuron pathway to help me. :smallcool:

2014-01-06, 01:37 PM
Thanks again, everyone. I have now spent hours working through the North World archives and the new Penultimate Quest stuff. It is as good as I remembered: well-written, smart, personal and introspective. His cartooning style is very appealing. I would love to see more from this guy. Check it out!

Occasional Sage
2014-01-12, 11:32 PM
This looks to be worth some time. Thanks for asking, even though introducing me wasn't your goal!

Eric Tolle
2014-01-18, 05:27 PM
I'm reading it right now, and thoroughly enjoying it. The personal relationships, the mystery...it's all really well written.