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White Blade
2007-01-20, 12:54 AM
Gods are tricky, their not always friendly either. I thought my life was complicated because I had fallen for two women. He solved that problem of course, now the issue isn't which one I pursue. Its which of the two of me gets the family estate. James "Ray" Sola
James Sola's Background, because your gonna need it.
James Sola was an ordinary adventurer, the son of a noble who had grown restless in his father's house. He travelled with his fellow adventurers for some time. Their main foe was a wizard named Shalmac, a tricky elf intent on taking control of... something. It didn't matter what, he just wanted his own petty dictatorship for some reason that James and his teammates never bothered to figure out.

Anyway, over time they came to call one town their home base. This town was named Holmar, and was somewhere near Shalmac's hide out, though they had no idea exactly where that was. Shalmac was a powerful wizard and over time, the adventurers each gained a gaggle of youngsters folllowing them around and admiring them. Well, all of them except James. James was a young and strong headed sneak who enjoyed his time in the town, and made sure any stories of his own heroism were not repeated by Mira during her nightly retelling of the tales and that attention was drawn to the others.

In a way, the young noble's son was a friend to those around him, and he did gain a gaggle of teenagers following him around. Not because they thought he was cool, but because he was their friend and he really enjoyed their company and the company of those his own age. And that was the first time James had ever felt that.

Overtime, he fell for two different young women, a noble and honorable man not merely in title, he felt he loved them both so he could not follow his affections for either. This left him rather conflicted.

Until one night, one of those trickster gods decided to try out a new trick on the poor shmuch. He showed up after another foiling of Shalmac's newest plan when James was up for watch, "I'll fix this problem of the heart, I break and make you two apart!" and then he did just that. James split in half and stood up, somewhat dizy, it took both of him almost twenty seconds before they both screamed, "Doppleganger!" at the top of their lungs.

This immediately brought about a great deal of head scratching and debate over which of them was fake. Eventually they got to the point where every question imaginable had been asked by all of them except one. And Mira got to ask that one, you see she and James got along the best and he tended to look up to her and ask for her advice. In love interests in some cases.

So Mira asked a question no one else could answer but herself and James, "Who is the woman you love James?" she thought it was a good trick question, since there was not one but two in James' mind. This proved unfortunately untrue as they both said in unison "its-" and thats where the sentences diverged, one said, "Kayer," while the other said, "Ureik".

And so the plot thickened. Mira consulted the others and they came to the conclusion that the only possible solution to this was to in some way get a god to answer. They found this remarkably easy as the first incantation of a long ritual prayer, "Speak to us, oh keeper of knowledge" got the God of Knowledge's personal aide immediately present to explain everything (and study the specimen of course.).

While this cleared things up it didn't make things any simpler. James had been split in two. Oddly for the first few days, this went well, as the Jameses (now know as "Ray" and "Beam") simply split all James owned. Though of course all was confusing, both Jameses pursued their woman with equal valor and honor (though they had to flip to determine who got the romantic hillside with the great view of the sky to themselves which weekend).

Then came the news of James' father's death and the very, very long rivalry to see which could best the other in a series of games to figure out who got the estate. How long these games will take, and whether or not the objective is in fact to get the estate, is a matter of great mystery to the townsmen and adventurers alike.

To Come:
Some Crunchy bit I haven't decided on (probably James' character sheet.).
A larger cast for the setting, including more information on Mira, Kayer, and Ureik
A set of a few of the games the James will play (and probably draw at.) .
A few ways to use this in your campagain.
And a better detail of the town.

White Blade
2007-01-20, 12:55 AM
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